Microloans against food insecurity, ‘solar punks’ introducing community power

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a supermarket uses interest-free loans to fight hunger, London artists help a community power itself, and Finland’s indigenous Sámi overcome an important human rights hurdle.

This supermarket is offering interest-free microloans

UK supermarket chain Iceland Foods is using loans without interest as a tool to fight food insecurity and shift the anti-hunger paradigm.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Solar punks’ transform road in London into community power generator

These two London artists are developing methods to support a project that provides their local community with its own power.

Source: positive news

Indigenous Sámi of Finland overcome new obstructive law to human rights

The Sámi Parliament has successfully approved a divisive draft legislation that allows for their right of self-determination to be embedded in Finnish law.

Source: Euronews

First instance of Fatal Enzyme Deficiency being treated in the womb

For the first time ever, treatment of this rare genetic condition has been delivered to a baby in the womb via the umbilical vein.

Source: StatNews

Artificial intelligence predicts ten-year risk of heart attack or stroke

From as little as a single X-ray, these powerful AI platforms can predict the risk to a patient for stroke or heart attack over the next decade.

Source: Euronews

Schoolchildren in England to learn about biodiversity in new RHS project

A partnership between RHS, Natural History Museum and DfE will enable schools to access funding to create green spaces.

Source: The Guardian

These projects increase the affordability of housing

These four examples show innovative solutions for affordable housing across the globe.

Source: Good Good Good

New Indigenous abortion fund allowing justice on reproductive issues

Indigenous Women Rising runs the only abortion fund dedicated to Native Americans. It extends to Native people nationwide and provides abortion care that someone may need like paying for an abortion, transportation and lodging.

Source: Well and Good

Turning five tonnes of banana waste into useful items every month

This graduate has developed a system that transforms the mountains of banana waste in an Indian district into eco-friendly craft items.

Source: The Better India

Endangered Blue Butterfly population increases fourfold

A once-thought-extinct butterfly in Willamette Valley, Oregon, has resulted in a cascade of conservation in the region – with positive unexpected benefits.

Source: High Country News

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