Microsoft targets private ChatGPT to counter privacy critics

New aims to reassure customers that their data will not leak to the main chatbot system

A Microsoft have plans to release a private version of ChatGPT, in which customers will pay to have their data separated from the rest of the users. The main objective is to assure people that their data will not be leaked to the main artificial intelligence system. The information is from the portal The Information.

The novelty should be launched later this quarter and can cost up to 10 times more than what customers currently pay to use the regular version of ChatGPT. Today, the subscription fee is $20 monthly, about BRL 100.93 second quotation of the dollar this Tuesday, 2, of R$ 5.05. The new version must run on dedicated cloud servers for the platform.

The initiative came after large companies decided to ban the use of artificial intelligence (AI) among its employees for fear that private information would be leaked. Among them, the samsungwhich vetoed the chatbot after cases of “misuse of technology” when employees shared confidential corporate information.

In an effort to increase user privacy in the face of criticism of data usage, OpenAIthe startup behind ChatGPT, had already announced last week that chatbot users could disable their chat histories.

On Friday, the 28th, the company also announced that artificial intelligence was again available in Italy after the company complied with demands from local regulators, who had asked for the service to be blocked over privacy concerns.

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