Military should explain why Army HQ became a coup plotter’s nanny

Among the questions that are being asked to the 89 soldiers, including three generals, in testimony to the Federal Police about the coup acts of January 8, this Wednesday (12), one of the main questions is why the Army headquarters served as a scammer’s nanny for so long.

Set up in front of the HQ after the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro, the site served as a bridgehead for a) the attack on the PF headquarters and the burning of cars and buses on December 12, the day of the PT diplomat by the TSE; b) the placement of a bomb in a fuel truck in order to blow up Brasília airport on Christmas Eve and c) the acts that vandalized the STF, the Planalto Palace and the National Congress on January 8th.

Why was the manure not dredged earlier? The discourse that this was being done slowly, gradually and safely by the military offends our intelligence. Every time it is used, a Brazilian history teacher has a heart attack.

Worse: after the invasion of the headquarters of the Three Powers, the then Army command prevented the entry of the Military Police to arrest coup plotters in the camp in front of the HQ. Images of two armored vehicles moved to show that the command was serious shocked many people who believed that the military dictatorship had ended in 1985.

With that, many Bolsonaristas had time to leave. The then Army commander, General Júlio César de Arruda, would have warned the Minister of Justice Flávio Dino that no one would be arrested that night. Thirteen days later, Lula chose loyalist Tomás Ribeiro Paiva to replace Arruda.

Who was responsible for the armored vehicles, pointed at the Military Police and not at the coup plotters? General Gustavo Henrique Dutra de Menezes, officially exonerated this Tuesday from the Planalto Military Command. As he also testifies, it will be a good time to explain what a mess that was.

Colonel Paulo Jorge Fernandes da Hora, who commanded the Presidential Guard Battalion, will also be heard. He was caught on video helping the vandals to escape without being arrested by the police after the destruction of the Planalto Palace. His subordinates would have made protection corridors for the coup plotters.

The military knew they would be heavily criticized for preventing arrests both in the Planalto and in the camp, which suggests that important people needed time to get out of there. Who were they? Military family members and friends? We need to name a spade and make the law reach this group as well. Were the fugitives financing the attacks? Political allies of Bolsonarism?

How are they both going to explain that our ground force was bodyguards for terrorists? Who was his “helping hand” and his “strong arm” protecting?

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