Minister wants to shut down Ukrainian cars

DRESDEN. Saxony’s Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU) has announced that the cars of Ukrainian refugees will be shut down on the state’s streets. Because more and more of these vehicles are on the road without any insurance cover. Loud Picture-Zeitung, more than 100 local drivers in Saxony alone are not being reimbursed for their damage caused by accidents.

Background: The “Green Card” guarantees liability insurance for a maximum of one year after entry. But many Ukrainians have been driving on Germany’s roads for a long time. The war in your country started on February 24, 2022. You can recognize their cars by the blue and yellow flag and the abbreviation “UA” on the license plate.

Deadline for Ukrainian cars could be extended

If the refugees do not register their cars in Germany within twelve months at the latest, they automatically lose their registration and insurance cover. Saxony now wants to withdraw those Ukrainian vehicles that have been in the country for more than a year. There is no more leeway. The interior ministry said cars driving without a valid registration would be treated the same as any other vehicle that was not registered.

However, the Saxon Ministry of Transport, in coordination with the other state governments, wants to extend the twelve-month period again. A regulation on this is currently being drawn up. (fh)

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