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Miss Hong Kong 2023

Miss Hong Kong 2023 was a highly anticipated beauty pageant held in Hong Kong, showcasing the talent, grace, and beauty of young women from the region. The event took place on August 27th, 2023, and attracted a large audience both in person and through the televised broadcast.

The pageant featured a diverse group of contestants who competed in various rounds, including swimsuits, evening gowns, and talent segments. These confident and accomplished women displayed their unique qualities and skills, making it a tough competition for the coveted title of Miss Hong Kong 2023.

After a series of challenging rounds and intense deliberation from the judges, Hilary Chong emerged as the winner. The 21-year-old student from the University of Hong Kong captivated the judges and audience with her beauty, poise, and talent. Hilary’s victory was a testament to her dedication and hard work throughout the pageant.

As the newly crowned Miss Hong Kong 2023, Hilary Chong now holds the responsibility of representing Hong Kong on various platforms and participating in charitable and community activities. She will likely become a role model for aspiring young women, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in society.

The Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant not only celebrated beauty and talent but also showcased the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Hong Kong. It served as a platform for these young women to shine and make a difference in their own unique ways. Miss Hong Kong 2023 will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact and create opportunities for the winner and contestants to thrive in their future endeavors.

Miss Hong Kong 2023 Winner

Following an intense period of competition and critical assessment, the Miss Hong Kong pageant for this year has crowned its victor: 21-year-old Hilary Chong. Landing the first runner-up spot was Lynn Wang, while Lovelle Wang secured the second runner-up position.

Hilary, who is currently pursuing studies in nutrition at the University of Hong Kong, has gained attention from both media and netizens for her resemblance to Korean singer IU. However, Hilary’s journey to victory was not without its challenges. During the early stages of the pageant, she faced allegations of arrogance and snobbish behavior. Despite her outwardly sweet demeanor, some accused her of being “two-faced.”

Claims arose that she aimed to ingratiate herself with staff members to gain an advantage in the competition. Later, rumors circulated that these accusations against Hilary were deliberately spread by fellow contestant Cindy Chan.

Neither Hilary nor Cindy has addressed these allegations at this point. It’s worth noting that Cindy achieved a place in the Top 10 of the pageant.

In a post-win interview, Hilary also disclosed her interest in acting, expressing a desire to work alongside TVB actor Moses Chan in the future. The pageant’s emcees included Moses, along with TVB actors Ruco Chan, Joel Chan, and Edwin Siu.

When asked whether she’s concerned about evoking jealousy from other contestants due to her consistent media coverage, Hilary offered a poised response: “I’ll focus on being a good person. How others choose to perceive me is their concern. I can’t control what they say about me.” It’s evident she’s already prepared to embody the role of Miss Hong Kong with confidence.



Who is Hilary Chong?

Emerging as the victor of the highly anticipated Miss Hong Kong 2023 pageant held on August 27, 2023, is none other than Hilary Chong. At just 21 years old, she is currently a dedicated nutrition student at the esteemed University of Hong Kong. Her striking resemblance to Korean singer IU has not gone unnoticed, adding to her allure.

Surpassing her competitors, Hilary Chong outshone Lynn Wang and Lovelle Wang, securing the coveted first place. Beyond her triumph in the pageant, Hilary has aspirations beyond the runway. She expressed her keen interest in embarking on an acting journey, with hopes of collaborating with renowned TVB actor Moses Chan in future projects.

Amid her victory, Hilary Chong’s path wasn’t devoid of controversy. Amidst the competition’s intensity, certain netizens and fellow contestants accused her of displaying traits such as arrogance, snobbishness, and a two-faced demeanor. In particular, it was speculated that Cindy Chan, who herself secured a spot within the top 10 contestants, was behind the dissemination of unfavorable rumors aimed at undermining Hilary’s prospects.

Nonetheless, Hilary Chong remained resilient, unfazed by the negativity, and emphasized her commitment to maintaining her integrity. In the realm of social media, Hilary Chong commands a significant following on her Instagram platform. Sharing snapshots of her personal life, her canine companion, and her journeys, she brings a relatable and multifaceted dimension to her online presence.


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Miss Photogenic

Miss Friendship

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Grace Chan

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Veronica Shiu


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Juliette Louie Lei Zhuang

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Amber Tang

Claudia Chan Chen Jingyao


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Rosita Kwok Guo Baiyan

Lisa-Marie Tse

Maisie Kwong


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Kristy Shaw Shaochu

Penny Yeung

Kristy Shaw


Denice Lam

Cecca Xu Xu Zixuan

Joey Leung

Joey Leung

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Cecca Xu Xu Zixuan


Hilary Chong

Lynn Wang

Lovelle Wang

Lynn Wang

Jenny Jiang Jiang Yining

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