Model is accused of stealing her own coat from SP store

Daniela Orcisse will denounce the ‘Águia Shoes’ store for racism

Model Daniela Orcisse

Model Daniela Orcisse

Photo: Playback/Instagram/@daniorcisse

The model Daniela Orcisse was accused of stealing her own coat by a store employee in a mall in São Paulo, last Saturday, the 15th. Daniela was already in another store when the ‘Águia Shoes’ employee went after her to say that the blouse she was carrying was stolen.

In an interview with BandDaniela said she will denounce the store for racism.

“I started to remember my life, my work, how much I work from Monday to Saturday. How can I steal a blouse, when I went to the store to see if there was something I liked, that I would buy. So, don’t try to offer me a shopping voucher”, he said during the program. Brazil Urgentthis Friday the 21st.

The embarrassing situation would have lasted about two hours, until the employees realized that the accusations were taking on a very large proportion inside the store.

In a note to the broadcaster, the Águia Shoes store said that it will take appropriate measures against any form of discrimination or prejudice and that the employee who accused Daniela was removed.

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