Mom struggling with living expenses shops $285 worth of groceries for just $56 — here’s how she did it

A mom struggling with the rising cost of living announced a “rare win” that saved her $230 on grocery shopping.

Queensland’s Shekirra shopped the discounts and received $285.29 worth of meat for just $56.44.

Her recent meat finds include lamb chops ($2.93), hot dogs (60 cents), chicken burger patties ($1.70), beef sirloin strips ($1.93) and more.

Some of the products were priced differently due to their expiration dates, but Shekkira wasn’t worried as she planned to freeze them right away.

The Coles shopper’s secret to success is frequency – and she regularly browses the discount section of her local supermarkets.

Queensland's Shekirra recently shopped the discounts and received $285.29 worth of meat for just $56.44

Queensland’s Shekirra recently shopped the discounts and received $285.29 worth of meat for just $56.44

The mother has a large chest freezer at home where she freezes all her bargain purchases to thaw when needed.

She shared a picture of her “amazing” finds and thanked her parents for teaching her about discounts.

“This should have cost $285.29, but instead it cost $56.44!” she said. “What a blessing to have this quality meat and have money left over to spend on something else.”

When asked about her tactics, she admitted that sometimes she just got lucky.

“I can honestly say it’s pure luck.” I can walk into the same store ten times and get next to nothing – and other times I’ll get loot like this. I make the best of it when I find them and have full freezers for my family.

“I’ve also found that the more you go, the greater your chances of getting discounts. If I’m near a Coles or Woolies and have a few free minutes, I just drop by. Sometimes you get nothing, sometimes you get a surprise.

“The other trick is the freezer room. I have a full size fridge freezer and a spare freezer. When I do my weekly grocery shopping I don’t necessarily buy meat as I usually have a lot of stuff frozen when I see discounts.’

Simple budgeting tips that can save you thousands of dollars every year

* Buy meat in bulk, use cheaper cuts whenever possible, and cook slowly

* Prepare minced meat dishes with lentils and grated vegetables. Freeze leftovers

* Plan a meat-free dinner every week

* Freeze any unfinished pastes such as curry pastes, tomato pasta, and passata. Pour into an ice cube tray and once frozen transfer to a ziplock bag

* Check catalogs for weekly specials, menu according to store sales and shop online to see your total before paying

* Try an app like Trolley Saver to compare grocery prices in different stores

Many congratulated her on this achievement and thanked her for the advice.

“Well done, these are great deals!” said one woman.

“Wow, my local Coles is selling meat for $10 on its sell-by date instead of $11.20,” revealed one sad mom.

“Our discounts are never that big – great job!” a third wrote.

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