Moraes and PF invest in the shortest way to arrest Jair Bolsonaro

Forging a vaccine card to flee Brazil is a serious crime, but less serious than fomenting a coup d’état, allowing 700,000 deaths in the pandemic and creating the conditions for the death of 570 children of the Yanomami ethnic group. With the operation of the Federal Police this Wednesday (3), on the adulteration of public health records, the justice system is again going through the shortest path for the former president to be accountable to society.

Like the gangster Al Capone who, in October 1931, was sentenced to 11 years in prison not for the violence he practiced as the king of the Chicago mafia, but for tax evasion, Bolsonaro is being investigated for false registration of vaccination for covid -19. He used the card to enter the United States, when he left Brazil, on December 30, in order not to be held responsible for the coup acts that would happen nine days later.

The new scandal was revealed this Wednesday (3), with PF operations that carried out a search and seizure at his home and arrested several people, including his former assistant, Mauro Cid. The colonel is also involved in other scandals, such as the Arab jewelry stolen by the former president and in denialist lives during the pandemic.

The strategy has been adopted before. Of the 16 actions under way in the Superior Electoral Court to make him ineligible in the 2026 and 2030 presidential elections, the one that is most advanced is the one that deals with the event in which he summoned foreign ambassadors to attack the voting system. The TSE sees it as a campaign act using the structure of government. Other actions deal with even more serious situations, with attacks and threats to the democratic rule of law.

In another case, Bolsonaro was included as an investigator in the inquiry that investigates the intellectual mentors of the 8th of January. Not because he had fomented for months the action that vandalized the headquarters of the Three Powers – even because he and those who take care of his networks were very careful in the moments that preceded the attack. But for sharing a scamming video on social media two days later.

For some reason, perhaps psychoanalytical, Bolsonaro produced a large body of evidence against himself in cases considered simpler, while he tried to avoid loose ends in situations of greater complexity. Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, and the Federal Police did not let this pattern go unnoticed.

The case of the forged vaccine card guaranteed access to the former president’s cell phone. With the help of the institution’s technicians, important past conversations can be accessed. Which will help clarify this and other cases in which he is investigated. No wonder, the steps take place in the middle of the investigation of the digital militias, whose rapporteur is Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

Ironically, political parties asked for the seizure of Bolsonaro’s cell phone, in May 2020, amid the investigation into his interference with the Federal Police to protect his family, allies and friends – a complaint by the resigned Minister Sergio Moro. At that moment, the then chief minister of the Institutional Security Office, General Augusto Heleno, threatened “unforeseeable consequences” if the STF touched Jair’s smartphone. He was right the consequences are really unpredictable. For the former president.

With the action of the ambassadors, the testimonies regarding the shared video and the forged vaccine card, Alexandre de Moraes makes successive approximations – to use a military term that Captain Jair Messias is very fond of – about him.

He may not answer for the main crimes he committed, but the warning has been given that he should not go unpunished.

In time: Bolsonaro, in an interview this morning, said that there was no adulteration on his part in the vaccination card. As always, he practices his favorite sport, the Long-distance Responsibility Throw. The lie doesn’t stick, not least because he decreed 100 years of secrecy about his vaccine record. The question is who, this time, he will throw into the sea to get away with it. Mauro Cid, who paid the ex-president’s bills at the till with cash, take care.

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