More rain in Brazil and with risk of heavy rain

Beware of heavy clouds advancing from the sea towards the coastal region of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba

April 15
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(updated at 3:48 am)

Cloudiness over Brazil

The passage of a cold front spread heavy clouds over the Southeast Region and the three had heavy rain. This Saturday, a low atmospheric pressure is organized over the sea, between Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, leaving the two states on alert for storms.

The hot and humid air that predominates over Brazil encourages the growth of heavy rain clouds in several areas of the Midwest and North of Brazil.

The intertropical convergence zone remains active on the north coast of Brazil, carrying thunderclouds to the Northeast. A nucleus of heavy rain advances from the sea and should reach the coast of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba this Saturday

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Weather forecast for 04/15/2023 – Saturday

South region

New areas of instability form over southern Brazil, spreading thunderclouds over the region.

Almost the entire region spends the day with a lot of cloudiness and frequent rain showers. The weather gets rainy in eastern Paraná, in the south and east of Santa Catarina and in the northeast of Rio Grande do Sul, including Porto Alegre. Hps risk of heavy rain on the coast of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Sunny day with lots of clouds, but no rain, in the center, south and west of Rio Grande do Sul, cloudy day with drizzle

The temperature is mild throughout the day in the South Region

Southeast region

The presence of hot, humid air and low atmospheric pressure between the coasts of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo form areas of instability over the Southeast Region.

The forecast is for rainy weather on the south coast of São Paulo. In the west, south and east of São Paulo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro and in Espírito Santo, the sky is very cloudy and there are forecasts of showers at any time, but with some sunny periods.

For the other areas of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, the forecast is for periods with sun in the morning and showers with lightning in the afternoon and evening.

Northeast Region

A nucleus of heavy rain is advancing from the sea and should reach the coast of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba this Saturday.

High atmospheric pressure acts over the Northeast, reducing cloudiness and conditions for rain in part of the Region. The sun predominates in the interior of Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco and in the center-south of Piauí. Maranhão, the rest of Piauí, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba have frequent showers, which can be moderate to heavy. Risk of heavy rain in João Pessoa and Natal. On the coastline between the south of Bahia and Alagoas, it is sunny and there are showers of rain.

North region

Areas of instability grow over the entire North Region of Brazil with the great availability of hot and humid air. Rain showers remain frequent in all states interspersed with periods of sunshine. The heaviest rain is expected for Amazonas, Acre and Rondônia. Almost all of Tocantins has a sunny day, without rain. Some showers occur in the west and north of this state.

Weather alerts for 15/04/2023 – Saturday

Attention to the risk of heavy rain in the capitals Florianópolis, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vitória, Brasilia, Goiânia, Cuiabá, São Luís, Fortaleza, Natal, João Pessoa, Recife, Belém, Macapá, Boa Vista, Porto Velho and Acre.

storm alert on the coast of Pará, in the north of Amapá, in Amazonas, north of Rondônia, coast of Maranhão, Ceará, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, in the Rio Doce valley, south of Espírito Santo, in the north of Rio de Janeiro

Attention to the risk of moderate to heavy rainwith lightning and sometimes strong wind in São Paulo (except in the center south), in Minas Gerais (except in the east and north of the state), Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, in Mato Grosso, in the Federal District, in Pará (except on the coast of the state), in Roraima, Rondônia, Acre and south-central Amapá.

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