Motto of 100 days of government suffers internal criticism

President Lula (PT) is “anxious” to show the accomplishments in his first 100 days in office, with the government mobilizing ministers and deputies to show everything that has been done so far.

Although the government is preparing the campaign with the motto “Brazil is back”, with the resumption of Bolsa Família as the main point, this disclosure is not unanimous within the party, according to the columnist for UOL Thais Oyama.

This motto aroused criticism, including internal criticism, because it works like this: Bolsa Família is back, Minha Casa Minha Vida is back, respect for women is back, and respect for Brazil abroad is back. For people within the PT, this goes back to the past. The government should be rolling the ball forward, not backwards, and that would do more nostalgic than hopeful.”

Shot in the foot. “An expert I heard went further and said that this could have been a shot in the foot and could create a ‘rebound effect’. What is the rebound effect? ​​The slogan is ‘Brazil is back’, and this is a dish made for the opposition arrives and completes the way they want: ‘Corruption is back’ and ‘State rigging is back'”.

Absence of a greater deed. “The government is completing 100 days and, in fact, it doesn’t have anything strong to show. In Congress, for example, this has to do with the fact that the government still hasn’t managed to assemble a solid majority. So, nothing happened there. and there the government didn’t even start”.

Bolsonaro will not remain silent in testimony to the PF about jewelry

Former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) should not use the right to remain silent in his testimony to the Federal Police about jewels from Saudi Arabia, according to columnist Thaís Oyama.

He will speak and answer all questions that are asked, that’s what guaranteed me an advisor from him. The main question to be answered will be this: were you the one who determined that a palace official would try to remove the jewels duly retained by the Federal Revenue Service? This is the main question Bolsonaro will have to answer.”

Colonel Cid, Bolsonaro’s assistant, must confirm that it was the former president who gave the order to try to recover the jewels.

It is already decided to say that it was, yes, the former president Jair Bolsonaro who asked him to request the improper return of the jewels withheld by the revenue. There is no way for Bolsonaro to escape, having to confront his own assistant.”

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