Mulligan by Netflix – Everything you need to know

Netflix’s Mulligan has tons of comedic talent for its voices, including executive producer Tina Fey. She voices super scientist and single mother Dr. Farrah Brown. Joining the main cast as part of Fey is Nat Faxon, who “The Conners” fans will perhaps best remember for his role as Louise’s (Katey Sagal) younger brother Neville. Faxon plays Matty Mulligan, the hero of Earth who becomes its leader despite being ill-equipped for the role. Chrissy Teigen voices First Lady Lucy Suwan, a beauty queen who initially became romantically involved with Matty during the alien invasion.

Rounding out the main cast are some of the most recognized names in comedy and animation. They include Dana Carvey as the backstabbing Senator Cartwright LaMarr, Sam Richardson as historian Simon Prioleau, and Phil Lamarr as Axatrax, an alien survivor now being held captive on Earth. “Mulligan” also features some surprising guest stars, most notably Daniel Radcliffe, who voices the last known British survivor, who calls himself “King Jeremy”. In addition to Radcliffe, “Mulligan” will also see Ayo Edebiri, Kevin Michael Richardson and Ronny Chieng in recurring roles.

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