Municipal council increases hall rents in the community houses

Every municipality that wants to receive stabilization aid from the state government must first prove that it has made efforts to improve the economic situation. This also includes income from short-term rentals of municipal premises.

Therefore, the municipal council decided to raise the room rent for the village community center in Breitensee to 95 euros, 70 euros are due when people gather there for a funeral. Renting the hall in the village community center in Herbstadt and for the small hall in the house of the farmer’s wife in Ottelmannshausen also costs 70 euros, and the fee for the large hall is 120 euros.

increase after many years

That means an increase of ten to 15 euros per room, explained Mayor Georg Rath when asked. The fees have also not been increased for at least ten years. The decision had previously been made in a non-public session. Among other things, the basic decision was taken there that the municipality should not sell any municipal forest areas.

The municipal council was open to the request from Agrokraft GmbH from Großbardorf, which provides communities with solitary trees for planting to improve the biotope network in the Rhön-Grabfeld district. Fruit trees, wild fruit or native deciduous tree species are suitable. Above all, the Green Belt on the former inner-German border should be better connected to the interior of the district through the campaign. However, the areas envisaged by Agrokraft for planting in Breitensee and Herbstadt are owned by the respective land consolidation cooperatives.

No decision made

The municipal council was unable to make a decision about these areas, for which a total of 30 to 35 trees are planned, but wants to get in touch with the land consolidation cooperatives on this topic. For Ottelmannshausen, where five trees are to be planted, the municipal council was able to agree. At the same time, this means that the community is committed to taking care of the trees.

Finally, it was about the future jury election. Here the communities are required to draw up a list of suggestions with suitable people. Thomas Witz from Breitensee had submitted an application for this, which the community will now pass on.

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