Murr’s mother found out about his tattoo through an impractical joker punishment

Each joker has their own level of durability, but for the most part the guys are good at shrugging off even the most over-the-top penalties. But the tattoo treatment given to Sal Vulcano, Brian “Q” Quinn and James “Murr” Murray by Joe Gatto made the typically playful pranksters red-eyed.

Gatto tells the losing trio off the bat that they won’t know what their tattoos are until they’re done, which was already a red flag considering how sneaky Gatto can be. The Jokers are then tattooed while Gatto walks around with a cocky attitude, only building his friends’ disdain even more.

The ultimate tattoo reveal is where things really crash and burn. Q’s tattoo, a picture of a cat along with the message “38. lives alone Has 3 Cats,” shed a less than stellar light on the Joker’s social life, while Murr’s aforementioned ferret skydiving tattoo is a reminder of his equally infamous skydiving punishment.

Sal’s is arguably the funniest as it is a realistic portrayal of Jayden Smith. Vulcano explodes in a barrage of expletives, even remarking to Gatto, “This is going to change our whole friendship from this day forward!” Gatto’s blow may have left a nasty stain on the group’s camaraderie, but it also has one of the show’s funniest moments spawned.

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