Museum visits on prescription, the return of public banking, South Africa’s solar-powered train

Museum in Brussels, Belgium

In today’s issue of Squirrel News, Brussels is testing prescribed museum visits to treat anxiety and other mental conditions, the push for public banking is forging forward, and South-African students have built the country’s first fully solar-powered train.

Museums on prescription: Brussels tests cultural visits to treat anxiety

Psychiatrists in the city can now prescribe free visits to cultural venues to complement other treatments.

Source: The Guardian

Advocacy for public banking roars ahead amidst mayoral races

The push for public banking is forging forward alongside some big city mayoral elections, with plenty of challenges yet to be faced.

Source: Next City

Local South African school builds solar-powered train for its community

A township in South Africa has had long issues with its railway transport, so students at a local school decided to build solar-powered trains to solve them.

Source: Africa News

Sustainable business in Africa to be propelled forward by UN initiative

The Global Africa Business Initiative will provide a platform for the growth and development of sustainable business in Africa.

Source: Africa News

Researchers develop method to stunt growth of Malaria parasites

Researchers from the UK have used mosquito genetics to stunt the growth of the parasite responsible for malaria in the gut of the insects.

Source: Africa News

Lebanon refugees are not a burden on its economy, research concludes

The dangerous myth that refugees in Lebanon are bad for the economy has been confronted in this research, which also demonstrates why they are positive for it instead.

Source: The New Humanitarian

Large project to remove plastic waste from rivers underway

A border-crossing project that aims to seriously tackle the plastic waste that accumulates on the banks of the river Meuse which runs through the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Source: Euronews

Recycling app provides a stable pathway for displaced Nigerian women

A budding tech organization in Nigeria is taking on internally displaced women as its workforce, providing lifelines to them while tackling recycled waste.

Source: Next City

Black Italians with a mission to increase inclusivity in their country

Using platforms such as the fashion industry, these black Italian citizens are changing the landscape of Italy to be more inclusive.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

European report on wild species indicates many animals are making a strong return

The recent report mentions fifty species making a particularly strong comeback, such as wolves and bison, demonstrating the positive impacts that recent biodiversity schemes are having.

Source: Euronews

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