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Elon Musk had just requested a six-month break from scientists researching artificial intelligence (AI). In an open letter, Musk and hundreds of other signatories at the end of March demanded: “Powerful AI systems should only be developed when we can be sure that their effects are positive and their risks are manageable.”

Now the tech billionaire has probably started a company himself that is supposed to do research on the subject of AI. A company database from the US state of Nevada shows that Musk is said to have founded a company called X.AI on March 9th. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, i.e. artificial intelligence. Musk and his chief of staff Jared Birchall are listed as responsible for X.AI.

This was reported about the new company on Saturday night Wall Street Journal. Days before, indications of Musk’s increased activity in artificial intelligence had accumulated. That’s what they reported Financial Times on Friday that he had already found investors for a new AI company. The website Business Insider wrote that he had bought thousands of graphics cards from Nvidia. The technology is often used for applications based on artificial intelligence. Musk downplayed this in an interview: Everyone was buying a lot of graphics cards right now.

The creation of X.AI could be part of Musk’s plans to create a super app. Musk is CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter. He’s been talking about wanting an app for everything for a long time. It was only announced last week that the company Twitter, Inc. was renamed X Corp. in mid-March. was renamed, which in turn became X Holdings Corp. heard. Musk said the social network should be a “fire accelerator” to fuel super app X. The Financial Times reported on Friday that Musk was in touch with those responsible at Tesla and Space Exploration Corp. is said to have met to advise on financing an AI start-up. The newspaper quotes people entrusted with the process.

Most recently, Musk had warned of the risks of AI

At the same time, Musk publicly warns of the risks of software with artificial intelligence. The text machine Chat-GPT, Google’s competitor software Bard and programs that can generate images based on text descriptions are currently causing a stir. At the same time, there are concerns that their skills could be used, for example, to produce and spread misinformation. Chat-GPT formulates the texts by estimating the probable continuation of a sentence word by word. One consequence of the procedure is that, in addition to correct information, it also invents completely incorrect information – but no difference is recognizable for the user.

Musk was among the founders of chat GPT developer OpenAI, but left more than four years ago and is now a critic of the start-up. Musk has had a humanoid robot developed at Tesla for years, which he says could become more important than the car business over time.

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