My Landlady Noona Chapter 96 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Release and More

The wholesome manhwa My Landlady Noona Chapter 96 has finally been published on Toptoon. After having dinner with Hari-Nari and her mother, Minwoo has returned. The spoilers will be posted on @Youngboy18plus and can be deleted at any time. So you can try them out quickly. The chapter titled “What are you staring at so exactly?” On one of the panels we see Nari dressed like an idol and the photo is filled with lots of autographs. While not many spoilers are available, we’ll do our best to summarize it as best we can.

Raw scans, spoilers and synopsis of My Landlady Noona Chapter 96

The cute sisters are back in My Landlady Noona Chapter 96 available now on Toptoon. The chapter seems to start off as if Nari is about to become an idol. She even let Min-woo know that Mia was a possible choice for her stage name. While Min-woo was thinking about what to get her, she started acting adorable, like a cat. In the next few panels we saw a young adult, Nari, playing the role of an idol on stage. That’s all Min-woo’s imagination for now.

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A kiss together

Then, thanks to spoilers, we were both spotted in the alley. While Nari started talking about her career goals and aspirations. And it seems like Min-woo is slowly losing her. He’s still undecided whether to commit to Nari or Hari or not. Also, Bada has apparently not appeared in these chapters, disappointing her many supporters. Nari and Min-woo were kissing passionately when an unsuspecting woman approached them. Nari grabbed Min-woo’s hand and the two ran away. While the lady thinks this tomboy is her boyfriend?

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Previously in My Landlady Noona Chapter 95

At the beginning of Chapter 95 of My Landlady Noona, we were shown Min-woo’s dream. In his dream, he and a large crowd of other people watched Nari perform. After becoming famous, she leaves him. After briefly losing consciousness from shock, Min-woo pleaded, “Don’t leave Nari!” Nari ran to his side and handed him a water bottle to drink. Then she said that Hari and her mother were on their way and that Min-woo should hurry up and get ready. In a hurry, Min-woo got dressed and assured her that he would do his best.

Then Hari-noona and her mother enter the scene. I’m sure everyone would agree that their mother was radiant in these plaques. Like Hari-noona, she was more loveable than the others. Can we expect a confrontation between Min-woo and her mother? Maybe, but maybe not; Who knows? Afterwards they have dinner in a fine restaurant. Min-woo tried to divert his attention from the fact that her mother looked beautiful, but he couldn’t help but notice. He believes that if he wants to continue having a friendly relationship between them, he must win over Hair and Nari Noona’s mother.

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