My Strange Addiction Update 2023: Where is Nathaniel Now?

My weird addiction premiered on TLC in 1010, and the five seasons that followed have seen people like Nathaniel with some very weird obsessions. The channel is known for introducing viewers to some of the strangest people, and Nathaniel was recently revisited to find out where he is at the moment.

My weird addiction – Nathaniel was the real weirdo

Sometimes TLC fans just can’t get over the extremes people go to. One show that immediately comes to mind is Extreme Sisters. The behavior of the actors often seems almost incestuous, so that fans wonder if it is actually a fake for television. However, the weird obsession show had experts on hand to help understand the weirdly odd behavior of the cast.

My weird addiction was really very strange. And yet it really isn’t that much stranger than the couples you see in shows like this I love mom’s boys. In fact, the network has managed to find some extremely failing relationships while searching for weird couples 90 Day Fiance, as well as. Do they employ a specialist to hunt down people like Nathaniel, who a decade ago appeared to be one of the most remote people in the country?

My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? What was Nathaniel’s obsession?

In 2021, the show began revisiting people with an obsession with objects. For example. There was a woman who actually married a carnival ride. Oh yes, she also had a great passion for trains. One guy couldn’t live without inflatable killer whales and he seemed really excited about a kite he named Leila. Extremely passionate, was Nathaniel. In case you don’t know, he just loved his car called Chase. Do we dare to say it? He liked to kiss the bumper.

My Strange Addiction Nathaniel TLC Instagram
Photo credit: TLC Instagram

My weird addiction revealed that Nathaniel fell head over heels in love with Chase. If someone had stolen his bikes, he probably almost died. Imagine someone stealing your beloved partner, whether human or canine. Some people know exactly how that feels. But has Nathaniel moved on? Did he cheat on Chase? Read on to find out.

Have things changed by 2023?

My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted? is broadcast on Wednesdays and there is a current teaser Instagram revealed that Chase is longer a part of Nathaniel’s life. Indeed there were tears and sadness and Nathaniel seemed heartbroken as he recalled those sweet, loving days. In his confessional he said: “Unfortunately, Chase is no longer a part of my life.” Tragedy struck when Chase encountered unfortunate circumstances during a regular event “Investigation.” The car broke down in an accident and Nathaniel remembers him “daily.”

Has he gotten over falling in love with objects? Well the answer is no. In fact, he found a new car and this time switched genders. It’s a girl’s car and he likes to talk to her and pet her door. In the teaser, he thanked her for everything she does for him. What do you think of Nathaniel, who obviously still seems addicted to loving cars? Let us know below in the comments.

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