Nasa comments on Harry Styles post after robot-starring clip

Video released last Wednesday, 3, has a scene in front of a building of the institution

Harry Styles released the official music video Satellite last Wednesday, the 3rd, and ended up calling the attention of one of the most important institutions in the United States, the NASA.

The video stars a small robot nicknamed Stomper, who acquires the dream of exploring space after seeing images on television of Curiosity, a device designed by NASA, exploring Mars.

Stomper leaves backstage at a Styles concert in New York and travels to different locations on his mission. In the end, he ends up in front of an American agency building, where he meets the singer again.

With that, Nasa’s official profile left a comment on the publication in which the artist announces the release of the clip. “There’s room for you and Stomper in our orbit,” the institution said.

Comment left by NASA on Harry Styles post

Comment left by NASA on Harry Styles post

Photo: Playback/Instagram/@harrystyles / Estadão

For many fans, the clip can be understood as a reflection on loneliness, as this is also one of the themes of the song, which has phrases like “I can see you’re lonely down there. Don’t you know that I’m right here?”.

NASA’s comment, therefore, may be a response to the clip’s metaphor, sending a welcoming message to the singer and his robot.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the special agency has been involved in one of Styles’ clips. When he was still in One Directionthe band recorded the video for drag me downfrom 2015, at NASA itself.

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