Nascar Hall of Fame Voting 2023, How to Vote Nascar Hall of Fame Voting 2023?

Nascar Hall of Fame Voting 2023

  1. Nomination Process

The nomination process begins with representatives from NASCAR, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, track owners (from both major facilities and historic short tracks), and media members coming together to select 15 nominees. Out of these, 10 nominees are chosen for the Modern Era Ballot, and 5 nominees are selected for the Pioneer Ballot.

  1. Nomination Committees:

  • The Nomination Committee consists of 22 members who have the responsibility of selecting the 10 nominees for the Modern Era Ballot.
  • The Honors Committee comprises 43 members, which includes all living NASCAR Hall of Famers. They are responsible for selecting the 5 nominees for the Pioneer Ballot.
  1. Voting Panel and Fan Vote

On August 2, 2023, a Voting Panel will cast a total of 65 ballots, which includes one ballot from a nationwide fan vote. The fan vote is an essential part of the process, allowing NASCAR fans to have their say in selecting the inductees. Fans can vote once per day for their favorite nominees at

  1. Inductees

Out of the 65 total ballots, three nominees are selected as the inductees for the Class of 2023. The inductees consist of two individuals from the Modern Era Ballot and one individual from the Pioneer Ballot.

Now, let’s take a look at the Class of 2023 Nominees:

Modern Era Ballot:

  1. Neil Bonnett – Won 18 times in the NASCAR Cup Series, including consecutive Coca-Cola 600 victories.
  2. Tim Brewer – Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion crew chief.
  3. Jeff Burton – Won 21 times in the NASCAR Cup Series, including the Southern 500 and two Coca-Cola 600s.
  4. Carl Edwards – Winner of 28 NASCAR Cup Series races and the 2007 Xfinity Series champion.
  5. Harry Gant – Winner of 18 NASCAR Cup Series races, including two Southern 500 victories.
  6. Harry Hyde – 1970 NASCAR Cup Series championship crew chief.
  7. Matt Kenseth – 2003 NASCAR Cup Series champion and winner of 39 Cup races.
  8. Larry Phillips – First five-time NASCAR weekly series national champion.
  9. Ricky Rudd – Won 23 times in NASCAR Cup Series, including the 1997 Brickyard 400.
  10. Kirk Shelmerdine – Four-time NASCAR Cup Series champion crew chief.

Pioneer Ballot:

  1. Sam Ard – NASCAR Xfinity Series pioneer and two-time champion.
  2. AJ Foyt – Won seven NASCAR Cup Series races, including the 1972 Daytona 500.
  3. Banjo Matthews – Built cars that won over 250 NASCAR Cup Series races and three championships.
  4. Hershel McGriff – 1986 NASCAR West Series champion.
  5. Ralph Moody – Two-time NASCAR Cup Series owner champion as the mechanical genius of Holman-Moody.

The Voting Panel will carefully consider the 65 ballots, which includes the fan ballot, to determine the three inductees who will join the NASCAR Hall of Fame and be celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the sport of NASCAR.

How to Vote Nascar Hall of Fame Voting 2023?

To vote for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2023, follow these steps:

  • Visit NASCAR’s official website: Go to and look for the “Hall of Fame” section on the website. You can also directly access the voting page at
  • Review the Nominees: Familiarize yourself with the Class of 2023 Nominees listed on the website. There are two categories: Modern Era Ballot and Pioneer Ballot. Read about each nominee’s accomplishments and contributions to the sport.
  • Cast Your Vote: Once you have reviewed the nominees, click on the link provided for voting. The link may be labeled as “Vote Now” or something similar. This will take you to the voting page.
  • Submit Your Vote: On the voting page, you’ll likely see the list of nominees again, along with an option to cast your vote. You can choose one nominee from the Pioneer Ballot and up to two nominees from the Modern Era Ballot (three votes in total). Select your preferred nominees by clicking on their names or checkboxes.
  • Confirm Your Vote: After making your selections, check if there is a confirmation button or a submit option. Some voting platforms might require you to create an account or provide your email address before submitting your vote.
  • Fan Vote Limitations: Please note that the fan vote has certain limitations. You can vote once per day, and voting multiple times within a 24-hour period might not be allowed.
  • Keep Voting: The fan vote period usually spans several weeks, so you can return to the website each day to cast your vote again and support your favorite nominees.
  • Voting Panel Meeting: Once the fan voting period ends, the Voting Panel will meet to cast their ballots and combine the fan vote with the other votes to determine the inductees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2023.


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Nascar Hall of Fame

Situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, the prestigious NASCAR Hall of Fame serves as a tribute to remarkable drivers who have displayed expert prowess in NASCAR driving, as well as all-time great crew chiefs, owners, broadcasters, and other significant contributors to the sport’s competition.

This esteemed institution stands as a testament to the rich history and legacy of NASCAR, celebrating those individuals whose exceptional talent and dedication have left an indelible mark on the racing world. By honoring these iconic figures, the Hall of Fame preserves their invaluable contributions and inspires future generations of racing enthusiasts.

It serves as a hallowed space where fans, drivers, and all involved in the sport can come together to pay homage to the legends who have helped shape the dynamic and thrilling world of NASCAR.

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