Nature-positive wind farms, detecting homeless students, trauma-informed design

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we look at the world’s first nature-positive wind farm in the Netherlands, school bus drivers helping homeless students, and the positive impact of trauma-informed buildings.

Wind farms use AI, radar systems to protect birds

Modern wind farms are using advanced technologies such as bird-tracking artificial intelligence (AI) and radar systems to make sure they are contributing to climate change efforts while also safeguarding biodiversity.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

The US Needs More Electricians. one-solution? Recruit More Women

Women face barriers in the sector, including harassment and exclusionary unions, but they would help resolve a crucial labor shortage and could also help close the gender wage gap.

Source: The Guardian

School bus drivers play a role in assisting homeless students

At the Kingdom East School District in Vermont in the US, bus drivers help bridge the gap between students who are experiencing homelessness and essential resources.

Source: The 74 million

How the Netherlands became a bike parking paradise

In the Netherlands, where more than 400,000 train passengers commute by bike to a station every weekday, massive bike garages have become a vital component of its transportation system.

Source: Bloomberg

Potential solutions to UK’s deteriorating waterways

Pollution has rendered almost all of the waterways in the UK unfit for swimming. What are the potential solutions to this issue? An expert suggests looking at approaches in countries like Croatia, Germany, Albania and Italy.

Source: positive news

‘Solar baking’ aims to reduce bread prices in Lebanon

To address the issue of rising bread production costs in Lebanon, an inventor has designed a commercial bakery oven that harnesses the power of the sun.

Source: Euronews

Farmers revive old practice for deep irrigation

Central California farmers who were grappling with years of drought have been intentionally flooding farmland to help restore groundwater.

Source: Civil Eats

How to spark kids’ interest in gardening according to an ecologist

Doug Tallamy’s new book encourages children to garden and protect wildlife. The book features interesting projects such as a ‘bee hotel.’

Source: Euronews

Champion of the gorillas: the vet fighting to save Uganda’s great apes

Under the watchful and resourceful eye of award-winning conservationist Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Uganda’s threatened mountain gorilla population has made an impressive recovery – as has the local community.

Source: The Guardian

Trauma-informed buildings can help community heal

Trauma-informed design considers the impact of the built environment on mental health. This approach seeks to create spaces that foster healing and safety.

Source: Bloomberg

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