Neuburg: New magician schnitzel audio book

CD available now from retailers.

Off on vacation! For the magician schnitzel and his talking sauerkraut tin, it goes from beautiful Knedlhausen an der Soss to the Italian twin town “Gnocchi della Dip”. But the two are far from a relaxing and quiet stay, because once again they slide from one exciting adventure to the next.

Just in time for the Holidays and during the travel season the current radio play “Zauberer Schnitzel im Reisefieber” by Kerstin and Sepp Egerer was published by Herold & Herold (H₂O) Verlag. Kerstin Egerer is delighted that Reisefieber, the seventh radio play in the Zauberer Schnitzel series, has now been released. “We never thought the magician and his jar of sauerkraut would be so popular. There are now seven radio plays, two films and one book. Absolute madness! We are very grateful for the fans, community and support.”

Sepp Egerer says about the new radio play that this time the development was very exciting. “We’re leaving Knedlhausen for the first time, so we had to create a new place and new characters. That was very exciting, but as always, it was endless fun.” Both hope that the fun will now also be taken with families and children on trips and brighten up one or the other free hour in summer. The radio play has a length of 67 minutes and costs 15 euros.

The CD is now available at these locations in Neuburg: Spielwaren Habermeyer, Rewe Guggenmos, EDEKA El-Mustapha or can be obtained directly from “We are happy about our partners in retail and would like to continue to support them,” says publisher Florian Herold, “that’s why the CD will be released before the digital version”. From August 22, the new radio play will also be available digitally on the well-known platforms. (AZ)

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