New job: Schultz invites St. Pauli coach Hürzeler to Basel

As half Swiss, Fabian Hürzeler naturally has a good connection to the Alpine state, and since Thursday there has been another one: his ex-colleagues Timo Schultz and Loic Favé (assistant coach) will take over FC Basel from the coming season.

“I wrote an SMS and wished everyone the best,” revealed Hürzeler, before sending a few warm words to his predecessor.

St. Pauli coach Hürzeler congratulates Schultz on moving to Basel

“I have a very good and appreciative relationship of trust with Timo, and I’m incredibly grateful that he took me on at the time,” says Hürzeler.

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When the first games of the Swiss Super League are scheduled in a few weeks, Hürzeler should also take a close look: “Timo cordially invited me to Basel. Now let’s see when I notice that.”

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