New Mexico’s child care guarantee, exchanging plastics for learning, chickens raised on surplus food

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, New Mexico establishes permanent funding for child care, a Nigerian nonprofit uses recycling to boost education, and a company raises chickens on surplus supermarket food.

New Mexico pioneers child care funding in the US

In New Mexico, the state’s budget priorities have shifted to include aid for parents with young children. To its credit, the state was the first in the US to establish a permanent child care fund.

Source: CNN

Nonprofit swaps plastics for learning resources to improve education

Nigerian nonprofit Recycler Initiative engages students to collect plastic for recycling firms. For underprivileged students, the earnings mean new textbooks and other learning resources.

Source: BO News

Baltimore law helps residents heal from trauma

Welcome to Baltimore, a city that has adopted a policy requiring government personnel from cops to librarians to complete training to assist citizens in coping with trauma.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

EU approves France’s short-haul flight ban

France has banned short-haul flights where decent train service is available in an effort to cut down on carbon emissions. The move will initially affect three routes.

Source: Euronews

EU unveils plans to cut Europe’s plastic and packaging waste

Draft regulations would ban mini-shampoo bottles and throwaway cups, with push towards reuse over recycling.

Source: The Guardian

Six climate change strategies that may be worthy of emulation

From house retrofitting to workplace parking levy, the following are a number of responses to climate change that may be worth adopting.

Source: positive news

Company combats food waste by upcycling food scraps into chicken feed

Do Good Foods turns leftover food from grocery stores into chicken feed. This keeps food from going to landfills, where it would give off methane.

Source: Civil Eats

Zimbabwe refugee camp uses hydroponics, solar energy to grow crops

Hydroponic farming is a viable alternative for places where water and good soil are hard to come by. Farmers at the hydroponics station in the Tongogara Refugee Camp use a space the size of a football field to cultivate fruits and vegetables.

Source: Euronews

The theater companies exploding myths about disability

Not Your Circus Dog’s new show is a riotous upending of audiences’ preconceptions of disability and neurodivergence. It joins a swelling movement of similar collectives rewriting the stage rulebook.

Source: The Guardian

Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park empowers people, restores the wild

To begin conservation efforts in Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, remnants of a decades-long war had to be cleared. 14 years later, both the wild and the populace are reaping the benefits of the initiative.

Source: CBS News

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