New parkour facility at Marienplatz – Stuttgart Journal

New parkour facility at Marienplatz – Stuttgart Journal

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Nikiko / Pixabay / CC0

40 elements allow professionals and beginners to make jumps and other moves

It is becoming increasingly popular: the parkour sport where you jump over obstacles in the city.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart. The trend comes from the big American cities: Parkour sport. The reporter saw it in some movies. Youngsters jump over obstacles found on the street: park benches, stones, cars, railings and many more.

Now there is a new parkour facility in the center of Stuttgart. At Marienplatz there are now 40 elements that allow jumping and other moves. As a beginner, you can also take courses offered by the “Parkour Stuttgart” club.

So far, the scene has performed on the Waldau, Neugereut and in Vaihingen. Now you can be active in the city center. These are artificial obstacles made of concrete. They depict natural obstacles as they occur outdoors.

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