New traffic sign warns of climate stickers

BERLIN. A new traffic sign now warns motorists of obstructions caused by climate stickers. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) presented the new traffic sign to the public at the federal press conference on Friday. The increasing number of dangerous interventions in road traffic made the sign necessary, explained the politician. The traffic sign, which is now also taken into account in the road traffic regulations, shows a white triangle with a red border and a black hand in the middle. In order to draw attention to possible dangers at an early stage, the climate sticker should be used at motorway entrances and exits.

Wissing continued: “The aggressive passive resistance of the professional activists requires the inclusion of this new sign in the road traffic regulations. The new sign is intended to signal drivers that they should drive around this area.” The Federal Ministry of Transport also wants to use the traffic sign to de-escalate the conflict between drivers and the demonstrators. In Stuttgart, but also in Berlin and Hamburg, angry drivers have attacked the Kleber in recent months. For example, a truck driver kicked a climate adhesive in the stomach last Saturday.

The new road sign won’t last long

On Monday, a judge in Hamburg ordered ten days in prison for climate chaos. These had previously blocked the Elbe bridges, which form a bottleneck for traffic to Hamburg, and caused traffic chaos. To prevent new blockades, a 27-year-old and a 19-year-old must remain in police custody until April 4th. Since 2022, there have been long traffic jams and delays in many cities, as self-proclaimed climate rescuers of the “last generation” stick themselves to the streets.

The party leader of the Greens, Ricarda Lang, criticized the new sign and the Federal Ministry of Transport. “On the one hand, the black hand on the sign is racist and, on the other hand, the sign criminalizes last generation activists.” (JF)

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