New York injection sites save lives, tobacco companies forced to clean up cigarette butts, batteries from trees

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, injection sites in New York have saved lives, Spain forces tobacco companies to pay for cigarette clean-up, and scientists develop batteries that use a material from trees.

New York supervised injection site program cuts drug deaths to zero

Since 2019, drug users in New York have had the possibility to inject into supervised sites. Over 2000 people used the facilities, which boast no on-site deaths.

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Spain passes law forcing tobacco companies to clean up cigarette butts

Starting from this year, tobacco companies will have to foot the bill for cleaning up discarded cigarette butts in Spain. Additionally, these companies will have to pay for informational ads discouraging citizens from littering.

Source: The Guardian

New batteries might be made from a chemical extracted from trees

A Finnish company is developing a method to build batteries using lignin, a chemical element found in most trees. Lingin can also be found in waste pulp, allowing for effective recycling of old wood.

Source: BBC

Indigenous-led activists have successfully conserved millions of acres

Indigenous communities in Canada are setting aside millions of acres of land for conservation and research by making agreements with the Canadian government.

Source: Yes Magazine

WhatsApp enables proxies to help get around government crackdowns

In the wake of countries like Iran blocking access to messaging apps, WhatsApp has enabled a feature allowing users to set up proxies, circumventing governmental limitations.

Source: Engadget

Outdoor preschools gain popularity in the US, with benefits to children’s health

Since 2020, there are now over 500 outdoor preschool programs in the US. Advocates say that children benefit from improved cognition and health.

Source: PEW

Co-buying allows unrelated, unmarried people to split real estate purchases

Co-buying is an attempt to help unmarried individuals to get around the affordability crisis. By pooling resources with other individuals, roommates can buy their residences or invest in real estate together.

Source: Next City

Indian man leads effort to recycle hotel soap for low-income families

Samir Lakhani started the Eco Soap Bank to gather the normally discarded leftover soap from hotels. In eight years, they have recycled 1.4 million pounds of soap, with an additional 9 million tonnes in donations.

Source: The Better India

Jessica was sentenced to life in prison in 1995. Now she is the CTO of a startup

Jessica Hicklin spent her time in prison learning to code. Unexpectedly released 26 years later, she now has founded a startup and works to improve the justice system.

Source: Stack Overflow

Conservationists restore vital oyster reefs in Hong Kong

Conservationists in Hong Kong are restoring oyster reefs by refurbishing abandoned oyster farms and creating habitat along the coasts. The oysters could help clean the water and provide habitat for numerous other forms of marine life.

Source: Monga Bay

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