New York’s historic climate win, First Nation self-declares marine protected area, fighting the Taliban with art

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re exploring the passing of groundbreaking climate legislation in New York state, the indigenous people of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais taking the safety of their waters into their own hands, and how Afghan women are fostering solidarity through writing and art.

New York takes big step toward renewable energy in “historic” climate win

New York state has passed legislation that will scale up the state’s renewable energy production and signals a major step toward moving utilities out of private hands to become publicly owned.

Source: The Guardian

The First Nation that unilaterally declared a marine protected area

For 20 years, indigenous people of the Kitasoo/Xai’xais saw their coastal waters being depleted while the Canadian state dithered. Now they’ve taken matters into their own hands

Source: The Guardian

US pledges $1 billion to support nations vulnerable to climate change

The money funneled through the Green Climate Fund aims to help countries most at risk of extreme weather events protect themselves and develop solutions.

Source: The Planetary Press

UK connects a solar farm directly to energy grid for the first time

The first photovoltaic solar farm has been linked directly to the UK’s national grid, helping the UK move one step closer to its 2035 carbon goals.

Source: Ecowatch

First UK baby with DNA from three people born after new IVF procedure

The first UK baby created with DNA from three people has been born after doctors performed a groundbreaking IVF procedure that aims to prevent children from inheriting incurable diseases.

Source: The Guardian

Kosovo solar farm enlists the help of sheep to mow the grass

Rather than wasting their own energy cutting the grass surrounding their solar panels, workers at the energy farm opted for a more sustainable solution.

Source: Reuters

Deconstructing the sneaker is protecting the Amazon

With the majority of shoe brands using synthetic materials, one company is turning to local harvesters and sustainable wild rubber in a greener approach.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Colombian initiative retrains former guerrilla fighters in ecotourism projects

The project bridges the gap between conservation and peacebuilding, protecting nature while integrating former fighters back into society after the end of the country’s civil war.

Source: BBC News

“Nest man of India” builds 250,000 homes for sparrows

With bird species who make Dehli their home at risk from industrialisation, Rakesh Khatri’s mammoth project aims to start conversation around conservation.

Source: Nspirement

Afghan women are using art to fight back against Taliban oppression

Using the power of writing, storytelling, and painting as a means of resistance, Afghan women are fostering a sense of empowerment by standing together in solidarity.

Source: Yes! Magazines

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