New Zealand bans tobacco, ‘green banks’ go national in US, leather created from cactus and orange peels

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, New Zealand enacts a near-total ban on tobacco products, climate-friendly infrastructure is seeing more success through ‘green bank’ funding in the US, and two young entrepreneurs in India create leather alternatives from biowaste.

New Zealand bans cigarettes for generations to come

The country will start phasing out tobacco sales in 2023, aiming to protect future generations from the harmful effects of smoking.

Source: BBC

Climate action-focused banks support environmental efforts into reality

The US Inflation Reduction Act has ushered in a model for more climate-friendly infrastructure projects being successfully funded, through ‘green banks’.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Scientists succeed in nuclear fusion breakthrough

Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have achieved a net-positive energy output from a nuclear fusion reaction, the first time in human history.

Source: CNBC

International Energy Agency’s forecast for renewable energy grows by 76%

Following the biggest revision in its history two years ago, the IEA has a renewable energy forecast of 76%.

Source: Carbon Brief

Small wind farms poised to help reduce strain of energy crisis in Britain

As the energy crisis rages on, the onshore wind farm ban in Britain is facing calls to lift it and allow tiny wind farms to be created.

Source: Headtopics

EU moves closer to climate protection import tax

The proposed tax focuses on imports from third countries who do not comply with EU climate protection laws, and the EU came closer to passing it on Tuesday.

Source: Euronews

Zero-waste coffee balls created to address single-use coffee waste

A new system for single-serve coffee uses coffee balls as an alternative that produces no waste.

Source: Food Navigator

Friends transform biowaste into leather alternatives

These two college friends left their jobs to develop a sustainable venture that creates alternative leather from biowaste such as orange peels and coconuts.

Source: The Better India

New York-based organization teaching people what manhood can entail

After redefining masculinity for himself, Joe Horan started the program Building Men to teach students what the concept may mean and look like beyond the traditional.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Colombian ex-FARC soldiers looking to rebuild peacefully through agriculture

After years of fighting and horror, these ex-FARC soldiers are working to change the future of their regions through developing them socially, peacefully.

Source: The New Humanitarian

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