New Zealand’s biggest-ever emissions reduction project, France bans short-haul flights, anti-wildfire tech

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re exploring New Zealand’s mammoth shift towards renewable electricity generation and transition away from coal at the country’s major steel plant, a groundbreaking new law in France ending the short-haul flight boom, and a tech-based Water distribution system protecting at-risk regions from wildfires in Spain.

New Zealand announces its biggest emissions reduction project in history

The move to power Glenbrook steel plant with electricity from renewables rather than coal will reduce emissions by 1% – the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off the road.

Source: The Guardian

France bans short-haul flights to lower carbon emissions

The new legislation means that domestic flights will no longer be permitted where train alternatives exist in a win for climate activists.

Source: BBC News

Tech shields protect Spanish cities from wildfires

The “Guardian” system involves dozens of giant sprinkler towers distributing water in at-risk regions, keeping the ground and vegetation moist and less likely to ignite.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Sustainable timber could decarbonize the construction industry

By trading energy-intensive materials for wood – which can actively lock away carbon from the atmosphere – the building process could save more than 100Gt of carbon by the end of the century.

Source: Energy Monitor

Seven municipalities in Sweden are running on fossil-free fuels

The Skåne region is hitting its climate targets with a strategy that involves green public transport alongside sustainably sourced heating, cooling, and energy.

Source: Euronews

A Twitter bot is tracking deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

Developed by the NGO Global Witness, the tool aims to monitor and expose the destruction of forests linked to the indirect supply chain of Brazilian meat company JBS.

Source: Monga Bay

Indonesian initiative channels climate funds directly to indigenous peoples

The scheme launched by three of Indonesia’s largest indigenous and civil society organizations encourages funneling money to the communities working on the frontlines of protecting forests and restoring land.

Source: Monga Bay

Solar paneled car parks offer a better – and greener – use of space

Outside the offices of a major car manufacturer in Southern England, more than 2,000 angled panels have been installed – with a capacity of almost one megawatt at peak capacity.

Source: BBC News

CPSC is increasing representation of physical disability in stock photos

The move marks a big step forward in terms of disability visibility, with campaigners working to make inclusion “standard practice, rather than a lauded exception”.

Source: NPR

Farmers are turning to bees to improve elephant-community relations

As humans expand further into natural elephant habitats, a number of peaceful solutions are being tried to reduce conflict between animals and people.

Source: BBC News

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