Nick Grimshaw Illness: What illness does Nick Grimshaw have? What is Nick Grimshaw doing now?

Who is Nick Grimshaw?

Nicholas Peter Andrew Grimshaw is the real name of Nick Grimshaw and he was August 14, 1984, in Oldham, Great Manchester, England. Popularly known as Grimmy, he is an English author, podcaster, and former radio and television presenter. Grimmy rose to fame for his engaging hosting style on various BBC Radio 1 shows. He has also established himself as a television presenter with prominent roles on Channel 4’s T4 and The Album Chart Show. Notably, Grimmy served as a judge on The X Factor’s twelfth series in 2015. He pursued a degree in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Liverpool from 2002 to 2005 but was unable to graduate with a bachelor’s degree as he failed his final year. Instead, he obtained a DipHE qualification. While studying, Grimshaw was actively involved with ICON Radio, the student-run radio station at the University of Liverpool. In August 2012, Grimshaw publicly came out as gay, a moment that garnered significant attention and media coverage.

Grimshaw’s fashion sense has also earned him accolades, including being named the Best-Dressed Man of the Year by the British edition of GQ Magazine in 2014. In March 2022, Grimshaw announced his engagement to dancer and model Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry, with whom he lives in North London along with their two dogs. Alongside his personal life, Grimshaw has been actively involved with The Albert Kennedy Trust (Akt) since 2018, serving as an ambassador for the organization which supports homeless LGBT youth.

Nick Grimshaw illness

Nick Grimshaw, the ex-BBC Radio 1 DJ, has recently turned to the great outdoors for his new walking program. This shift not only marks a career change but also a step towards improving his health. Nick Grimshaw has been open about his struggles with mental health. He revealed that he has been trying to manage his anxiety for years, but it led to panic attacks. Grimshaw explained that he has been feeling down due to his anxiety and experienced some horrible panic attacks. He has been vocal about the importance of discussing mental health issues and seeking help. When talking about his anxiety struggles, Nick Grimshaw stated that he is not claiming to have severe anxiety, but it is still a significant issue for him. Nick shared that he first experienced anxiety during his university days, but it was when he made big career moves, like taking over from Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 breakfast show in 2012, that his anxiety resurfaced. During a Sports Relief trek across the Namib desert, Nick Grimshaw suffered another panic attack and was close to experiencing organ failure while cycling in 44-degree heat. After returning from the trek, he shared with The Guardian that he wrote down everything he felt so as not to forget the experience. However, upon his return, the world was hit with a lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, which he described as “quite weird.” Despite this, the trek was life-changing for the 35-year-old star. 

What illness does Nick Grimshaw have?

Nick Grimshaw suffers from anxiety, which he has publicly spoken about in the past. He has experienced anxiety since his university days, and big career moves have caused it to return. He has also suffered panic attacks, including one during a charity trek in the Namib desert where he was close to suffering organ failure. Nick Grimshaw has been open about his struggles with anxiety, which has caused him to experience panic attacks. He first experienced anxiety while at university, and it resurfaced during his career as a radio host, particularly when he took over the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show in 2012. Grimshaw has described his anxiety as “horrible” and has spoken about the difficulty of managing it.

In 2019, during a charity cycling trip in the Namib Desert, Grimshaw suffered a panic attack in 44-degree heat that was so severe it nearly caused organ failure. Despite the scare, he was inspired by the experience and described it as “life-changing”. Grimshaw has advocated for mental health awareness and encouraged others to seek help when dealing with anxiety or other mental health issues. 

What is Nick Grimshaw doing now?

Meshach ‘Mesh’ Henry, a dancer and model, became engaged to Grimshaw in March 2022. The couple currently resides in North London with two dogs. Additionally, since 2018, Grimshaw has served as an ambassador for The Albert Kennedy Trust (Akt), a charitable organization that supports homeless LGBT youth. Through various initiatives and campaigns, he has helped to secure funds and resources for the charity’s programs and services. He continues to use his platform to support causes and initiatives that promote equality and justice for all. Beyond his philanthropic efforts, Grimshaw is also known for his successful career as a radio and television presenter, having hosted several popular programs over the years.

Nick Grimshaw Spouse

Meshach Henry is a talented dancer and the boyfriend of DJ Nick Grimshaw. The couple shares a home in North London. Henry’s impressive dancing skills led him to the finals of the BBC Young Dancer competition in 2015. He has since become a star at Rambert, one of the top independent dance companies. According to a source close to Nick Grimshaw who spoke to The Sun Online in October 2018, the DJ had been dating Meshach for several months. The insider explained that Grimshaw had found it difficult to maintain relationships due to the demands of his job, but had hit it off with Meshach, whom he affectionately calls “Mesh.” After less than a year of dating, Grimshaw invited Meshach to move in with him at his North London home in July 2019. A source at the time revealed that Nick was incredibly happy and that Meshach had become a significant part of his life. The insider also shared that the couple’s flexible work schedules allowed them to spend ample time together during the week. The move-in had gone smoothly, and they were thrilled to be taking the next step in their relationship.

Nick Grimshaw shared his exciting engagement news with fans on March 31, 2022. Taking to Instagram, he posted a series of joyful photos and wrote, “And in gay news, this evening… got proposed to, said yes obvs.” The happy couple posed for several loved-up photo booth shots, displaying the beautiful engagement ring. The gold ring featured stunning diamond-encrusted detailing and had a unique, asymmetric shape. One of the snaps captured the duo sharing a sweet kiss for the camera, with the engagement ring glistening in the light. Nick’s followers were thrilled for the couple and congratulated them on their engagement. 

Nick Grimshaw Radio 1

Nick Grimshaw started working at BBC Radio 1 in September 2007, co-presenting the BBC’s youth show, Switch, with Annie Mac. He later hosted the Weekend Breakfast Show from October 2008 to May 2009 before moving to the 10 pm–midnight slot on BBC Radio 1 from June 2009. Grimshaw regularly joked about how long he would last in his position and whether he would be able to complete his nightly feature, “1000 Albums Everyone Says You Should Listen To But We Only Have Time To Play One Track So Here It Is”. His last album count was 369 before he moved to the breakfast show. In July 2012, it was announced that Grimshaw would replace Chris Moyles as host of Radio 1 Breakfast. His first live show was on 24 September 2012. Grimshaw attracted criticism in November 2012 for comments he made about Radio 1’s decision to omit Robbie Williams’s “Candy” from its A-List playlist. In October 2013, Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show had one million fewer listeners than Moyles’, and its audience figures were the worst for the station in over a decade.

Grimshaw’s show bounced back in February 2014, with an increase of over 700,000 listeners. However, in March 2014, it was reported that he lost another 510,000 listeners. Grimshaw completed a twelve-hour bicycle ride for Sport Relief in March 2014, raising over £115,000. In May 2015, Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show fell to 5.5 million listeners a week, becoming tied with Sara Cox’s show for the lowest number of listeners in Radio 1’s history. In August 2016, listener figures dropped to 5.4 million, making it the lowest listened-to breakfast show in the station’s history. In July 2017, the BBC confirmed that Grimshaw’s salary was in the £350,000 – £399,999 bracket. In October 2017, Grimshaw’s Breakfast Show fell to 4.93 million listeners a week, the lowest listening figures for BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show since records began. Grimshaw announced on 31 May 2018 that he would be leaving the breakfast show, effectively swapping shows with Greg James. His final show on the station was on 12 August 2021, after 14 years on the air.

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