Night Agent Ending Explained: What Does Everyone Do At The End?

In “The Night Agent” a novel by Matthew Quirk, FBI Agent Peter Sutherland deals with a sinister conspiracy within the FBI. The novel’s plot twists and turns constantly, leaving readers wondering how the story will end and what will happen to their favorite characters.

In this piece we will examine “The Night Agent” end and try to figure out his riddles.

Night Agent story overview

Peter Sutherland, a regular FBI agent, foils a bomb attack and saves everyone in a crowded subway car. He manages to stop the train in time and save all but one from the bomb.

The man he thinks he has put the bomb on the train is nearby while he recovers. He pursues him but cannot catch him. Peter saw nothing else about the man but his own Rattlesnake Tattoo. Since Peter’s father was previously exposed as a traitor to the country, the investigation yields no solid leads and Peter is blamed for the bombing, even though he was the one who saved everyone.

The President’s Chief of Staff, Diane Farr has offered Peter a position on the FBI’s top-secret investigative program, Night Action. Peter will be doing his 911 call work in the basement of the White House.

When things get out of hand, when the Night Action Agents are on top secret missions, contact this emergency number. Peter will take the call and forward the message to both of them FBI Deputy Director Jamie Hawkins or FBI Special Agent Farr. Peter feels belittled as this role seems to be little more than a “911” for FBI agents.

A year later, Rose Larkin calls Peter to tell him that two terrorists had broken into her uncle and aunt’s house. Although Rose and Peter manage to stay alive, their uncle and aunt, an FBI agent, cannot.

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Now that Rose is a crucial witness, Diane explicitly admits to Peter instructions to remove them from the custody of local law enforcement. When Peter picks them up, they are ambushed by two terrorists on their way to Peter’s house. One of them is the person Rose knows murdered her uncle and aunt.

The end of the night agent explained

Who’s the guy covered in rattlesnakes?

Colin Worley, the man with the rattlesnake tattoo is the man who kidnapped Maddie Redfield. A year earlier, Wick had hired Worley to plant the bomb on the subway, but Peter had other plans. Wick had Worley murdered to cover his tracks.

Night Agent ending explained

Worley’s twin brother Matteo was tragically killed by Wick’s henchmen. Afterwards, Worley pretended to be his brother so he could kidnap Redfield’s daughter and scheme against Wick, Farr, and Redfield. To exact revenge for his brother, Worley demands that Redfield admit his guilt in the subway bombing a year ago.

Will Maddie be saved?

Investigate Peter and Rose the possible culprits of the subway explosion. Colin Worley’s profile, who appears to have died the day before his scheduled interview with the FBI, is discovered.

Rose’s quick thinking leads her to his files, where she finally finds pictures of Worley revealing his rattlesnake tattoo. The bomber is immediately identifiable to Peter. Peter is identified as the kidnapper, but Agent Arrington and her partner Monks intercept them before they can begin their search for him.

Peter and Rose are on the hunt for Maddie’s kidnapper and manage to convince Arrington and the monks that they have nothing to do with the missing girl. Since there was no evidence of Peter at first, either Arrington and Monks believed he was responsible for Maddie’s kidnapping. Then they coordinate their efforts.

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Will President Travers be saved?

Knowing Farr won’t give them permission to kill President Travers, Wick and Redfield adjust their plans without telling her. Peter tells Farr, and Farr agrees to help Peter and Rose in their attempt to break into Camp David.

Night Agent ending explained

Zadar and the meeting point of President Travers, a mansion and the president’s plane are both bombed. Because of the outage, there is no way to contact the President’s security team.

Rose fixes the phone lines so Arrington, who came to guard Maddie, can send an alert. Before the bomb can detonate, Arrington saves Maddie.

In the meantime, Peter manages to pull himself together President Travers and tries to scare her security guards into believing the plane was bombed. Everything changes once the bomb goes off and President Travers will be spared.

What does everyone end up doing?

The police hunt down Farr and Redfield. When in prison, they are universally despised. Gordon Wick is the only person so far to have evaded capture.

President Michelle Travers is at a loss as to how to repay Peter for saving her life. He later searches for details about his birth father. Peter finds out that his father has been videoed selling secrets to a foreign agent.

Peter’s father had registered as one FBI Double agent and was in training. Impede Peter’s father Because he didn’t help the FBI, the foreign agent had him killed.

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Peter’s skills have attracted attention President Travers, who offered him the position of night agent. Peter and Rose say goodbye and agree to keep in touch. But Maddie isn’t interested in being protected from harm; She thinks it’s time she learned to take care of herself. But Arrington is offered a place president The Travers security team.

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