Njoro Wa Uba Cause of Death What Killed Njoro Wa Uba?

Njoro Wa Uba Cause Of Death

Ochonjo, a well-known TikTok content creator and actor from the popular TV show “Njoro was Uba,” has sadly passed away. The talented comedian met with a tragic end last night while undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Actress Sandra Dacha took to social media to share the heartbreaking news with Ochonjo’s fans, revealing that he breathed his last at 2 am.

“Just a week ago, we brought you to the hospital, Ochonjo Tony Duncan. Today, at 2 am, Dunco said his final goodbye. We acknowledge the inevitability of death because life cannot exist without it. You have left behind cherished memories that will forever remain in our hearts. Rest in peace, Ochos, until we meet again,” Sandra wrote on her social media platforms.

What Killed Njoro Wa Uba?

According to reports, he had been admitted to the hospital due to complications with his liver. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated further. Furthermore, his close friend Peter Ouma revealed that the actor passed away while receiving treatment at Kiambu Level 5 Hospital.

Ouma stated, “Ochonjo will be deeply missed. He succumbed to liver and kidney failure. Currently, his body remains at Kiambu Level 5 Hospital.” Ouma mentioned that they were making arrangements to transport him to Chiromo Mortuary.

Sandra Dacha expressed her thoughts, saying, “We come to accept death because life cannot exist without it. Rest in peace, Ochos, until we meet again. It was on a day like this last week when we took you to the hospital. My colleague Dunco took his final breath at 2 am today. You have left behind beautiful memories that will forever be cherished in our hearts.”

Is Njoro Wa Uba Alive?

On Thursday, May 11, Ochonjo, an actor known for his role in the popular show “Njoro wa Uba,” passed away at a nearby hospital. His close friends shared details of his final moments, revealing that he breathed his last at 2 am. Ochonjo, also known as Brian Njogu, made appearances in various local TV programs focused on entertainment.

He collaborated with renowned comedians in the country, such as Mike Wako and Onsogo, creating skits that deeply resonated with the audience and later extending his influence to the Luo comedy scene. Additionally, he had notable roles in local TV dramas like Ramogi TV’s “Nyarkochia” and KTN’s “Mhweshimiwa” series.

Njoro Wa Uba Real Name

The late Ochonjo, whose real name was Tony Duncan Ochonjo, gained fame as a TikTok content creator and actor on the popular TV show “Njoro was Uba.” Sadly, he passed away on Thursday, May 11, leaving his fans in deep mourning.

Lauryn Omondi expressed her sorrow, saying, “You possessed a strong fighting spirit, but destiny had a different plan. God’s will has been fulfilled. Rest in peace, Dunco freed from pain. At 2 am, you took your final bow. May the angels welcome you warmly.”

Denis Odhiambo added, “This world is not our permanent home. The legendary figure has peacefully departed. Rest well, my dear friend Brian Njugu, also known as the honorable one of Nyarkochia Ramogi Luo Comedy. Until we reunite on the morning of the resurrection.”

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