No ban on AI applications like ChatGPT

Dhe Federal Digital Ministry rejects a blockade of ChatGPT as in Italy. “We don’t need a ban on AI applications, but ways to guarantee values ​​such as democracy and transparency,” said a spokesman for Volker Wissing’s ministry to the “Handelsblatt” on Monday, according to a preliminary report. Currently planned EU legal framework could make “Europe a global pioneer for trustworthy AI”. Due to the suspicion of data protection violations, Italy’s data protection officers had initiated investigations against the artificial intelligence (AI) ChatGPT and its developer OpenAI at the end of March. It has since been blocked for Italian users. Microsoft is involved in OpenAI.

The head of the Agency for Leap Innovations (SprinD), Rafael Laguna de la Vera, also said to the newspaper: “You can’t stop such digital technology developments with bans, then they just take place somewhere else.” just to take advantage of the opportunities. “We are in the middle of a disruption. It’s better to find out, participate and develop what you want and then specifically prevent what you don’t.”

The software can simulate human interaction and create complete texts using just a few keywords. After the initial euphoria about this new technology, critical voices pointed to risks and called for regulation.

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