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The strike in the public sector hit up to 30,000 households twice – tons overflow

ln Italy we know mountains of rubbish – rubbish collection doesn’t always work smoothly there. In Stuttgart, too, there are now mountains of rubbish – overflowing rubbish bins. What to do?

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart. “We are drowning in the garbage,” a resident of Stuttgart complained to a local newspaper. Parts of the garbage collection, the municipal waste management companies, the AWS companies have been on strike for six weeks. 30,000 people in Stuttgart are affected. Your garbage cans are a month and a half overdue.

The garbage companies give the tips to put additional garbage bags next to the garbage can. They should be tearproof. Waste paper can be handed in at the five recycling depots. Green waste can be brought to the chopping sites.

AWS spokeswoman Andrea Hauler promises: “We are on the road in every part of the city every day. We will make up for the collection in regular operation”. The AWS emphasizes that strike-related overtime is not allowed, according to the Federal Constitutional Court.

Private companies cannot be commissioned due to a lack of local knowledge. The 30,000 citizens affected can only hope that they will be picked up soon. A message to the AWS can certainly do no harm, says the reporter…

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