Noodle The Pug owner Jonathan Graziano shares what he’s learned caring for puppies

It has been three weeks since Jonathan Graziano’s foster pug puppies left his care to begin their new life in their new home.

The owner of the famous Pug Noodle on TikTok wanted to give an update and share some of the things he learned from his first foster. So he shared some of his lessons in a recent TikTok video.

Jonathan Graziano said caring for puppies is very rewarding

Jonathan Graziano
Jonathan Graziano – TikTok

Graziano said that while he misses the two little boys, whom he often refers to as “the beans,” he still feels very fulfilled at having enjoyed the time with them and successfully bringing them into their forever homes.

“Foster care has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I highly recommend it,” he said. “And I wanted to share some things I’ve learned in my experience as a caregiver.”

He explained that what he’ll be sharing has “a focus on puppies” as he’s been raising two young puppies, but he wanted to share some tips because he hopes to “encourage you to adopt foster care if you’re thinking about it.” ponder.”

Graziano explained that some of his tips will be very obvious and that they were obvious to him but with hindsight.

“One of the first things I learned, and I learned it the hard way, is that while it’s really fun to shop for stuff for your little foster puppies, and yes, they had all the toys they could possibly get their hands on they could wish for, they had great food, they had a lot of blankets, I washed all the Noodle beds that they could sleep in,” he said. “I didn’t think about buying things for myself. I wasn’t thinking about myself at all.”

He cited as an example that towards the end of his foster time he had paper towels, a small lidded trash can and natural wonders in every single room the puppies had access to in case they had an accident.

“This would do the following: A. I could clean it up faster and B. It would stop the pups from chasing me through the mess, because what would happen is they would have an accident, like in this room, in that they lived,” he explained. “I got the cleaning supplies from my bathroom and they chased me into the living room and followed the whole thing with them.”

Another tip Graziano gave concerned socks. Yes, you read that right – socks.

“I’m someone who cares a lot about their socks. I’m a fan of wool socks. I wear wool socks and boots at any time of the year, no matter what the temperature is. You couldn’t pay me in diamonds and gold to walk around New York City in an open shoe,” he said. “But the puppies would bite them, I would pee in them, and that’s how I would find it, and you’ll just have to give your socks away.”

His final tip was to ask lots of questions about the organization you’re sponsoring.

“If you’re planning on taking on a foster home, first do your research on this agency, the foster home you’re going to be working at,” he said. “You make the difference. I had a great experience with these people and taking care of these dogs and it was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and I encourage you to do the same.”

Jonathan Graziano’s followers are grateful for the update and care tips

Jonathan Graziano
Jon Graz-TikTok

With more than 4 million followers on TikTok and another 66,000 on Instagram, Graziano’s fans are actively engaged with his videos. They often share their thoughts in the comments section.

Many of his followers have enjoyed an update since the puppies moved to their permanent homes and loved his care tips.

“Great tips sacrifice your socks 😂 Glad you shared your grooming experience ❤️,” one person wrote. “You encouraged me to take in puppies 🐶 it was a lot of work but I wouldn’t change a second. You are absolutely right! Super rewarding ♥️🧦,” wrote another.

Jonathan Graziano and Noodle
JonGraz – TikTok

Another follower mentioned that Noodle endorsed Graziano’s promotional statement: “We enjoyed the journey with you. I love it even more that you started with boobs. That’s Noodle’s way of saying HE approved it ❤️. Thank you very much.”

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