Not paying on time compromises everything, says Mauro Cezar

São Paulo owes two months of image rights to the players of its professional men’s team. The case, as revealed by columnist Marcelo Hazan, from UOL Esporte, has been recurrent in the São Paulo team.

In this Friday’s (24th) edition of Ball possessionprogram produced by UOL SportMauro Cezar Pereira criticized the delay in payment and the way in which São Paulo’s board presents itself to the fans.

“This story is not new. The fact is that the club finds itself in a situation where it presents the fan ‘now we are going to present better financial results’. It is possible that the balance sheet presents, but if you owe wages, it is of no use nothing. It’s the basics. The first thing you have to do is pay on time. From there you will show other possible advances”, began saying Mauro Cezar.

“You simply don’t pay salaries on time or image rights, which are part of the remuneration of athletes and club employees, and then you present the financial result… Even if this delay is not a very large amount within from the context of the debt or eventual reduction, everything is compromised. You have to pay on time, it’s the minimum”, completed the journalist.

Landim matches Eurico Miranda

“To restrict the work of the journalist who goes there to cover the day to day is bizarre. It’s the same thing that Eurico Miranda did with ESPN and Lance! at the time. Rodolfo Landim and his troupe matched Eurico Miranda. Eurico was clearer in the way he communicated, he was noisier. The great danger for Flamengo is to live with Landim what São Paulo lived with Juvenal. It extends its mandate, it stays longer and ends up rising a superb great”, said Mauro Cezar Pereira.

Flamengo management

“At Flamengo, what worries me most today is the question of an eventual SAF. How are you going to take a club that earns R$ 1 billion a year and consider the idea of ​​passing control to an owner? (…) In in some situations we understand that the club is moving towards this, even because the path of insolvency seems inevitable. Flamengo is a different case, it gnawed that bone, restructured itself and is extremely profitable. It has a management that in this financial part teaches, but takes the human part, there is the issue of the death of the boys from Ninho, indemnities, director of social responsibility making xenophobic comments and all that goes unnoticed”, said Dudu Monsanto.

Leila at Palmeiras

“To what extent will Leila want to play football? I had the opportunity to interview her, she was a nice figure, but, analyzing it, what brings Leila to football? What does she need? She can take the jet and go seeing shows in New York whenever she wants, her life is settled. What was missing in Leila’s life? It was fame, it was being stopped on the street to take a selfie. Now, little by little, when she stopped being a patron to being charged … She got the gang used to it badly. It’s starting to taste the bitter side, that’s because Palmeiras is on the crest”, said Dudu Monsanto.

selection renewal

“I’m very curious to see this new team, I have an expectation that I wouldn’t have if it was the team that ended the World Cup. I wouldn’t have any desire to see it. .) The more new faces, the better. It could be an interesting milestone of renewal in Brazilian football. The best news is Neymar’s absence”, said Juca Kfouri.

End of Whistle Center

“Central do Apito was a creation, to say the least, debatable. This has a sequel in the way of seeing football very big. [Cezar Coelho] and I said that when he banked and instituted the tiebreaker, which was a kind of VAR at the time, that was very bad for anyone who watches football because it was as if people started to doubt any marking by the assistant, who has a fraction of a second to determine if a player’s nose is in front of the other”, said Arnaldo Ribeiro.

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