“Nuclear power wins” – Friends of nuclear power celebrate in Berlin

BERLIN. “Nuclear power wins!” rang out loudly on Saturday afternoon like a victory shout from the stage at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. On this central day, when Germany shuts down the last three remaining nuclear power plants Isar 2 in Bavaria, Emsland in Lower Saxony and Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Württemberg, the nuclear power friends of the environmental protection association “Nuklearia” based in Dortmund are nevertheless happy and optimistic. Because: “Nuclear power is coming back!”, as it came jubilantly from the demo stage again and again.

“Nuklearia” did not want to celebrate a sad party, but to celebrate previous successes in nuclear policy. According to its own statements, the association ended the taboo on nuclear power in society and mediated the stretching operation to the Greens until mid-April. The good mood was palpable despite the cloudy weather and incessant drizzle. According to the organizers, up to 200 participants from Germany, Poland, Denmark, France and the Netherlands celebrated, according to the police. A funny polar bear danced with a sign in its paws: “Nuclear workers are climate heros!”

One protester's message: “Nuclear power.  Best!” Photo: JF
One protester’s message: “Nuclear power. Best!” Photo: JF

Participants waved flags and held up signs with slogans like “nuclear power for the climate” and “nuclear power. Best of all!” On Saturday there was no need to ask anyone in front of the Brandenburg Gate how they felt about nuclear energy.

Climate activist: Germany must turn back

As the Nuclearia” Chair and computer scientist Rainer clod shouts from the stage regarding the German end for nuclear energy: “In Germany it looks like the weather: cloudy”, the audience agreed through loud boos. And even more determined boos followed than clod added: “The coal-fired power plants will continue to run!” On the other hand, the audience roared with joy when the bearded man announced: Poland wanted to get started with nuclear energy.

The demo mascot: the nuclear power polar bear Photo: JF
The demo mascot: the nuclear power polar bear Photo: JF

The young Swedish climate activist yes start In her speech, she warned German politicians not to “cherry pick” (“cherry picking”) in climate policy at the expense of other countries for too long (“cherry picking“) to have operated. Shutting down the nuclear power plants leads to high energy costs, strengthen them fossil industry and damage global attempts to solve climate change. “It’s time to be ashamed!” she called into the microphone. start called on young people in particular to listen to science. “Return to the once-brilliant, climate-friendly energy system you had!”

Tug-of-war against coal, oil and gas

The mood in front of the stage rose when three disguised men in brown-grey and black trousers and sweaters, faces smeared with coal, appeared in front of the stage to the left of the stage and showed off in front of the audience: the three arch-villains coal, oil and gas. Loud boos from the audience again. But then a little blond girl in a yellow costume and a boy in a blue costume appeared from the right, symbolizing the power of the sun and wind.

It came to a tug of war with the three strong villains. These easily pulled the little ones to their side. But just before victory, nuclear jumped to their side, a man dressed in white with a white face. Together, sun, wind, and nuclear power defeated the bad guys and proudly triumphed. Like the motto of the event: “Nuclear power wins”.

Colorful “Nuclearia” stickers that read “Nuclear Power? Yes, Please!” Photo: JF

Effective climate protection requires nuclear power

“We were misled and believed the wrong things,” former spokeswoman for radical climate group Extinction Rebellion Zion said at the rally lights, YOUNG FREEDOM regarding nuclear power. The radical climate group, which uses controversial methods similar to the “Last Generation”, did not allow nuclear power to be discussed as a possible climate-friendly energy source. That was a reason for her to leave the group. Anyone who cares about climate protection and life on this planet must be for all clean energy. For light This also expressly includes nuclear power.

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Rainer clod sees a chance for nuclear energy in Germany despite the end of the last three nuclear power plants. “Sooner or later, reason will prevail here again,” he told JUNGE FREIHEIT. Nuclear power is climate-friendly and reliable at the same time. He expressed satisfaction with the event. It was raining, but there was still “a bomb atmosphere”.

Only on Friday did the ARD Germany trend show: Six out of ten respondents (59 percent) consider the nuclear phase-out to be wrong, one in three (34 percent) to be right. This turned the mood completely, because 13 years ago it was exactly the opposite. 62 percent supported the nuclear phase-out and 32 percent were of the opposite opinion.

In the run-up to the nuclear phase-out, the JUNGE FREIHEIT campaigned for the preservation of nuclear power in Germany. Almost 80,000 people have already signed a JF petition under the motto “Yes to nuclear energy – runtimes extended immediately!”.

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