On World Bicycle Day, applause for cyclists – 03/06/2023 – Ciclocosmo

Applause to those who insist on pedaling in a world dominated by cars.

Applause to those who even created about engines, chose the pedals.

Kudos to those who arrive sweaty at work and are proud of it.

Applause to those who wake up a little earlier to go by bike.

Applause to those who wake up later, go by bike and arrive before the car.

Applause to those who pedal for love.

Applause to those who pedal out of necessity.

Applause to those who cannot pedal, but teach to respect those who pedal.

Applause for cycle activists who are not afraid of the rotten power of highway policy.

Give it up for the cyclists who were killed by the traffic, a lot of applause.

Give it up for Márcia Prado, Marina Harkot and Erika Sallum, who will always inspire us.

As the documentary filmmaker Dado Galvão says, “cycling groups that do not exercise citizenship are completely silent, anesthetized in the face of the reality of local cycling, unaware of the historical role of the bicycle and cycling, are lost on the trail with a flat tire”. Palmas ao Dado, which emanates its message to the world from the backlands of Bahia.

Give it up for Renata Falzoni, journalist and deputy councilor in the city of São Paulo, who probably has the longest record in existence in defense of pedals. Her wisdom offers us the gift of synthesis: “biking is cool”.

World Bicycle Day, June 3, is a date chosen by the UN to celebrate the most sustainable, inclusive and healthy vehicle humanity has ever created.

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