One fatally injured and several seriously injured – Stuttgart Journal

Wolpertshausen A6: One fatally injured and several seriously injured – Stuttgart Journal

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in an accident on the A6 Shortly after 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, a traffic jam formed on the right lane on the A6 motorway due to a construction site at the Ilshofen / Wolpertshausen junction. An approaching truck driver overlooked the end of the traffic jam and drove into a small truck standing at the end of the traffic jam.

This was thrown to the right by the force of the impact and tipped over. The articulated lorry then crashed into an Audi A6 and pushed it onto a trailer of an articulated lorry in front of it. Due to the force of the impact, this second articulated lorry was pushed onto a truck with a trailer in front of it.

The driver of the Audi suffered fatal injuries in the accident. The person who caused the accident, the driver of the small truck and the driver of the other semitrailer were seriously injured in the accident. Only the driver of the front truck remained uninjured. The rescue service used a helicopter, among other things. The fire brigade was also on site with a large contingent. The accident resulted in property damage in the six-figure range. Except for the truck and trailer, all other vehicles had to be towed away. As of 12:45 p.m., the A6 motorway will probably remain closed for several hours for the recovery of the vehicles and the cleaning work.

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