One Ghost Adventures location was so traumatic that Zak Bagans vowed never to return

Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew first visited Bobby Mackey’s Music World during the show’s first season, specifically in the episode entitled “Bobby Mackey’s Music World”. While it was worrying enough to be there and conduct a routine investigation, Bagans has since said things only got worse after they left the premises. “So many things happened in my home that touched me. I saw darkness, you know, shadowy figures in my bedroom, things being thrown around my house, friends of mine being attacked,” Bagans recalled.

The core of Ghost Adventures even went so far as to compare his post-Bobby Mackey experience to life in a Paranormal Activity movie. He claimed that the evil beings who were after him and his Ghost Adventures co-star Aaron Goodwin were skilled at taking the abuse to a personal level, which is why it all got under their skin so quickly. At the same time, Bagans mentions that visiting places like Bobby Mackey’s has the benefit of providing the team with really strong evidence to add to their collective portfolio (via Travel Channel on Facebook).

Ghost hunting isn’t for the faint of heart anyway, but be aware that if you plan to explore Bobby Mackey’s musical world for yourself, you might be just as shaken up as Zak Bagan’s.

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