Open source seeds, mental health hotline for farmers, Saudi women’s football league


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, farmers benefit from open source seeds, agricultural workers get a specialized mental health hotline and Saudi Arabia opens first premier football league hotline and Saudi Arabia opens first premier football league for women.

Open source seeds give small farmers opportunity to avoid agricultural patents

Farmers have been forced to buy expensive, patented seeds from large corporations. Now, the Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) has introduced seeds that are not restricted, allowing for more biodiversity in the industry.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

A new mental health hotline aims to assist isolated farmers and ranchers

While mental health hotlines are not new, the specific needs of rural workers were often left unmet. Now a new mental health hotline, operating in five US states aims to help farmers and ranchers dealing with isolation.

Source: High Country News

In South Wales, fishing can now be prescribed to combat mental health issues

People suffering from mental health issues, loneliness, or feelings of isolation may now be able to recover with a new initiative that prescribes fishing as a treatment.

Source: Wales 247

Saudi Arabia opens the country’s first female football league

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation has increased the size of the nation’s female football infrastructure by implementing a new, premier football league.

Source: Alarabiya

Waxworm saliva rapidly breaks down plastic bags, scientists discover

Its enzymes degrade polyethylene within hours at room temperature and could ‘revolutionise’ recycling.

Source: The Guardian

Tech startups produce a host of innovations to help Egypt’s farmers

Egyptian tech entrepreneurs have developed a plethora of apps and tools that local farmers can use to protect their crops from inclement weather.

Source: Quartz

A nonprofit in Nigeria is giving scholarships to prevent illiteracy

The nonprofit Abdulkabir Aliu Foundation provides scholarships for more than 300 students in Nigeria to pursue tertiary education and help reduce the number of illiterate adults in the country.

Source: The News Digest Press

Non-profit builds new, free housing for displaced Ukrainians

With UN refugee assistance lagging behind, a collection of non-profits and volunteers work to house displaced Ukrainians by building new homes.

Source: Good Good Good

Indian market uses unsold produce to power itself via biogas

The Bowenpally Vegetable Market in Hyderabad has a unique source of energy – biogas, sourced directly from the previous day’s unsold produce.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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