Opinion on adventure playground in Bork: postponement “absolutely necessary”

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RN user and council member Annabell Vagedes (CDU) expresses her personal opinion on the playground discussion in Bork in a letter to the editor as follows:

The postponement of the playground in Bork to 2024 is currently the subject of heated debate. The question that always preoccupies me in this discussion is the following: What do I want to leave behind for my children in the future?

I remember one of my first parliamentary group retreats, which I attended as JU chair at the time. I was around 20 years old. The mayor at the time, Mario Löhr, presented the city of Selm’s budget together with treasurer Sylvia Engemann. The big topic at the time was the active center and the associated new borrowing. I listened carefully to the lecture and then asked the following question:

“What financial leeway will actually be left for my generation later on?”

I received amused looks for this question at the time. Also from my own party colleagues. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember the answer of the then mayor. And now I’m fast-forward to the year 2022, when Sylvia Engemann made it clear in her budget speech: “We’ve lived above our means in the city of Selm in recent years.” I and “my” CDU parliamentary group draw the following conclusions from this Conclusion: we should

start saving urgently. Because we don’t want the next generation to accuse us of not having changed our behavior. And that’s how we started fighting as a faction. For every single euro in favor of our children and grandchildren.

childhood in Bork

From our point of view, the fact that the new playground in Bork had to be pushed back by a year, along with other investments, was absolutely necessary. And now I’m getting nostalgic one last time and thinking back to my childhood in Bork, which, by the way, was only 20 years ago (and not 40 years). How do I remember: The weekly group lessons of the acolytes, the swimming and Ju Jutsu training at PSV Bork, numerous Easter bonfires and rifle festivals, Bork Sundays, the Easter camps, and and and. I could continue the list indefinitely. But one thing should already

already become clear: I particularly remember the voluntary commitment and the lived community in our village with its numerous groups and clubs. These were also the main reasons why I never wanted to leave “my village”. And I sincerely hope that my children will also experience all this at some point.

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