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Christopher nolan caused a stir when he announced that he would be directing his new film Oppenheimer without relying on CGI for crucial scenes, even when it comes to detonating a nuclear bomb.

By now you’ve probably seen it a variation of the meme This implies that the director lawfully detonated a nuclear bomb to get the shot.

Of course that is not the case. But you may be wondering how they pulled off this impressive shot. You might also be surprised to learn that a bomb has been deployed, but not one that destructive.

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The scene in the film involving the bomb was a recreation of the Trinity test, a historical moment when a real bomb was tested.

How did Christopher pull it off? With the help of the Special Effects Supervisor Scott R Fisher and something called “forced perspective” to make a smaller explosion appear much larger.

“We don’t call them miniatures; we call them ‘Big People’.” Scott said Total Film, according to SYFY. “We make them as large as possible, but we reduce the scope to make it manageable. It’s about getting it closer to the camera and making it as big in the environment as possible.”

The explosion was created by igniting gasoline and propane with some additional ingredients to create the blinding effect.

During a round table with EW, Christopher revealed that the cast had filmed with an exact replica of the atomic bomb created in real life.

Did you see how Oppenheimer already at the box office?

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