Organized by São Paulo promises to pay ballad to the cast for victory in classic against Corinthians and end of taboo in the rival arena

President of Independente recorded video with ‘offer’ to players; Arboleda jokes and accepts ‘deal’

May 12
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Anything goes to win a classic and end an annoying taboo of your team to one of the biggest rivals? The answer is yes if you are a fan of São Paulo, which never beat Corinthians playing in the opponent’s arena, inaugurated in 2014 for the World Cup in the country.

Henrique Gomes, known as Baby, president of Torcida Independente, Tricolor’s main organizer, posted a video on his social networks after the Morumbi club’s goalless draw with Fortaleza, on Thursday (11), promising to ‘bank’ the ballad of the tricolor players if they end the fast of 16 consecutive games in history without triumphing in a Majestic in the classic next Sunday (14), for the Brazilian Championship.

Still in the Castelão stands, where the duel between Tricolor Paulista and Leão da Pici took place, Baby praised the stance of the São Paulo team in the draw. And he made the unusual promise.

– We’re going with everything to break the Sunday taboo in the chicken coop. I’m talking soon. If you break the taboo in the chicken coop, the ballad of the players is released and we are the ones who will pay. We’re going to pay for the party on Sunday.

Even more unusual was the fact that the post marked defender Arboleda, who couldn’t contain himself and commented on the leader of the organization, confirming his presence at the party: ‘I’m in, presi’, wrote the Ecuadorian.

– Hello @ robertharboleda4, if you break the Sunday taboo in the chicken coop, the party is free. We pay the bill. Seriousness and will to win! Come on São Paulo – wrote Baby.

Tricolor’s streak of victories at the Corinthian stadium is one of the biggest regional classics in Brazil still in progress. Altogether in the Majestosos disputed in the place, there are ten black and white victories and six draws. It includes the 6-1 thrashing suffered by Tricolor against its rival, one of the worst in São Paulo history.

Among the reasons for the fans’ confidence is the fact that rivals are currently experiencing different moments. In crisis, Corinthians will arrive at the classic after a 3-0 defeat by Botafogo. It’s just not in the Brasileirão relegation zone because of the tiebreaker criteria.

On the other hand, São Paulo boasts a seven-match unbeaten record (four wins and three draws), being the last six duels of the series under the command of Dorival Júnior, who will have his first classic on this return to the club on Sunday.

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