Oscar De La Hoya talks to Shanna Moakler about his daughter

Shanna Moakler’s ex-husband Oscar De La Hoya has opened up about another man raising his daughter.

Though it seems like forever ago, Oscar and the former beauty queen started dating in 1997 before announcing their engagement a year later. Just under seven months later, the former lovebirds welcomed daughter Atiana De La Hoya in March 1999.

Their love eventually waned and a dramatic split ensued after the former professional boxer took another woman as his date to an awards show while remaining linked to Moakler.

After their split, Moakler became engaged and married to rocker Travis Barker, who had no problem raising Atiana. Years later, Oscar revealed why he allowed the Blink 182 drummer to take his place as Atiana’s father.

Oscar De La Hoya walked away from being a current father of Atiana De La Hoya

Despite a successful career in martial arts, Oscar led a relatively quiet life away from the limelight. However, he took a break from his reticence to accept an invitation to appear on Allison Kugel’s Allison Interviews podcast on Thursday, July 20.

During their conversation, the 50-year-old revealed the reason he let his ex-fiancée and her ex-husband raise his now 24-year-old girl. He expressed:

“Basically, I ran away. i was scared I was afraid. I tried to be a full-time dad for a couple of years and it was beautiful.”

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The boxing promoter reiterated that while raising a little girl was “wonderful,” it had gotten to a point where he was beginning to question its worthiness. In his words:

“You’re trying to convince yourself you’re not worthy. that love is not possible in your life because of what I went through and didn’t receive that love when I was a child. My father never said to me, ‘I love you’.”

Oscar then revealed that his mother never showed him any affection, adding: “She never really hugged me. When I cried, she would start hitting me. It was that bad.”

Later in the chat, the father-of-six admitted that he was “always there but not there,” making his relationship with Atiana different than usual. Boxing’s golden boy concluded:

“You have to check in and worry. Even though I was separated, I felt like I was always close, but I didn’t feel like I was worthy enough to do the job.”

As for his separation from the mother of his first child, Nicky Swift reported that Moakler had addressed her feelings upon seeing her then-husband with another woman. As she shared in 2001:

I’m sitting in bed watching the Latin Grammy and I’m hurt that he left without me. Then I see him there with another woman. I was devastated. Up until that point, I had no idea there were any real problems in the relationship.”

Shanna Moakler gushes about her daughter Atiana's resemblance to her late mother
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In retaliation, the former Miss USA filed a $62.5 million child support lawsuit a month after the retired boxer sued her for allegedly locking him out of his multi-million dollar home to throw a party She tagged them “Shanna’s Freedom Party”.

The Other People See actress praised her daughter for her timeless beauty

Moakler’s affection for her children has always been public, and she occasionally posted updates gushing about them. She did so again last month, uploading an image highlighting the beautiful genes her late mother passed on to Atiana.

The Blast noted that the Los Angeles-born beauty looked stunning in a mini skirt and black blazer with nothing underneath. She complemented the daring look with red braids and a face trim with plum-colored lips. Matching the caption, her mother wrote:

“My beautiful daughter @atianadelahoya, she looks so much like my mother to me. you are such a good soul Loving You. ❤️👸🏻⚓️.”

Atiana immediately took note of the sweet message, writing in the comments section: “Love you 🥰♥️.” The aspiring model was also praised by fans, with one describing her as “absolutely gorgeous” and “gorgeous”.

A second netizen commented: “She’s beautiful; All your kids are beautiful,” a third agreed with Moakler’s caption, typing, “She looks like your mom; She is a natural beauty 😍 RIP 🙏🏻 .” “She is a beautiful, elegant and stylish young lady!!” A fourth added, while a fifth repeated: “She looks so much like your Portuguese mum!”

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