Ostheim honors its most successful athlete

Maja Betz from Nordheim already celebrated great success as a teenager as a runner for SC Ostheim. She feels comfortable and at home in this community of runners. She also made that clear on Wednesday when she was honored by the city of Ostheim in the town hall for her excellent sporting achievements. The occasion was winning the German championship title in 2022 in long-distance triathlon.

She was also at her parents’ house for a week. The 24-year-old sports science student has been living in Gera for a long time, where she has ideal training opportunities and good connections to Jena, the place to study. She is often on the road nationwide for training sessions and competitions.

Record at the age of 14

Second Mayor Karina Werner and Eberhard Helm welcomed the successful athlete, as did Karlheinz Herda and Rudolf Streit as representatives of the regional sponsor group of seven companies that Maja Betz supports financially. Everyone praised Betz’s ties to her homeland, because she hasn’t switched to a big club, but remains the figurehead of SC Ostheim (SCO). Helm described the career of Maja Betz, who had joined Sybille Martin’s running group from TSV Hausen as a primary school student. Sybille recognized her talent for running early on and therefore referred her to the “talent factory” run by licensed track and field coach Eberhard Helm.

In 2012, at the age of 14, she ran the Lower Franconian record over 5000 meters and, with her winning time, placed herself at the top of the German list of the best in her age group. In 2013, after two Bavarian championship titles, she was voted Sportswoman of the Year. More great successes followed. After graduating from high school, she began her studies in Jena, where she found her way to triathlon. This is how she met her current trainer, Konrad Smolinski, who formed her into a top athlete. In 2019 she became German university champion in duathlon. With Smolinski she made the leap into professional sport in 2021, achieved 10th place in 2021 and 8th place in the Roth Challenge in 2022. The highlight so far is the German championship title in 2022 on the long-distance triathlon.

She remains loyal to the SCO

Maja Betz’s answer was full of gratitude: “I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t met Sybille Martin and Eberhard Helm. I don’t want to forget where I come from and I’ll remain loyal to the SCO.” She thanked the SCO board and the sponsors who have taken her “over all the hills and valleys” of her sports career.

On April 30th, Maja Betz will appear again at a German championship – at the Powerman Duathlon in Alsdorf/NRW. An international triathlon competition in Spain follows two weeks later. Maja Betz has again set very high sporting goals. And she doesn’t want to neglect her master’s degree either.


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