Out of pure hatred: Kid Rock shoots at beer cans

Kid Rock shoots himself offside – and that’s absurd, revealing and bizarre at the same time: The Trump fan, briefly a rock star, shoots his favorite beer with a gun – because a trans woman is shown on some of the cans.

Dylan Mulvaney, as her name goes, has around two million Instagram followers — more than double Kid Rock’s, by the way — posted a clip on her profile of herself holding a few cans of the reduced-calorie hop slop for the camera.

For the one-year anniversary of her transition, the Anheuser Busch brewery gave the social media glamor girl a special gift: personalized beer cans with her portrait on them. Cheerio! Mulvaney is almost thrilled. Some conservatives, however, go nuts when they see the clip.

Kid Rock for example. Robert James Ritchie, as his real name is, is a Republican, Trump fan and embodies various prejudices that one can have against these people. What he hates: Wokeness. And that’s why he posted a reply to Dylan Mulvaney’s beer clip on his Instagram profile.

Kid Rock shoots beer cans out of pure hatred

Not eloquent, but violent: he shoots a gun at a stack of Bud Light beers until it foams. Then he sticks his middle finger up at the camera and roars, “Fuck Bud Light. Fuck Anheuser-Busch. Have a nice day.”

The 52-year-old gets applause for the stupid action – in the comments, and also from right-wing Republican circles. Mulvaney is particularly hated there because President Biden spoke to her during a forum event last year.

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Conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler, for example, also complains: “Why don’t you send beers to a woman who has given birth to five children, who homeschools, runs a business, doesn’t sleep much and doesn’t have time for makeup and heels ? This is a REAL woman. Not the man with eyeshadow and plastic surgery just pretending to be a woman.”

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