Outside the house, Fred Nicácio detonates Aline Wirley: ‘Disloyal’

After being eliminated from ‘BBB 23’, Fred Nicácio opened the game about the disagreement with Aline Wirley in confinement

Fred Nicacio, deleted from ‘BBB 23’ for the third time, it was present at ‘Bate-Papo BBB’, presented by Vivian Amorim and Patrícia Ramos. In the program aired in the early hours of this Wednesday, 04/12, the brother spoke about his time on the program and the disagreements he had at home, such as that of Aline Wirley.

Fred Nicácio, eliminated from 'BBB 23'.  Playback/Globoplay

Fred Nicácio, eliminated from ‘BBB 23’. Playback/Globoplay

Photo: Mais Novela

Thus, explaining the disagreement with the singer, he revealed: “I was feeling bad, I had talked to Domi and Black and that was not going away. One day, I was at the pool, she looked at me and saw that I was really heavy and sad, on cloudy days, and she offered to talk and I said ‘I want to'”.

And completed: “I opened my heart to her, exposed what we saw. Her bringing this to Discord is unfair and it’s not a game. If she thinks it’s part of her game bringing intimate and personal conversations to Discord instead of ‘I worried with you’, what is this concern that exposes me?”

Finally, Fred Nicacio detonated the sister’s posture, who heard all of his outburst and then revealed it to everyone during live dynamics.

I had nothing to say about my game. She hurt me in this place because of her betrayal, lack of kindness, consideration, because she is considered the Mami of the house. Whose mom? Mine was not. She gave me Mami’s lap and then exposes me. Which Mami is this?”so ended.

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