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BERLIN. The tone in the coalition parties is rough, sometimes even aggressive and insulting. After Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) had insulted the SPD and FDP on Tuesday out of frustration at the criticism of his prohibition policy as “progress refusers”, the other two traffic light parties now backtracked.

FPD deputy Wolfgang Kubicki went the furthest, comparing Habeck with Russian President Vladimir Putin – probably the worst disparagement that can currently be made alongside a Nazi analogy. Although Kubicki later apologized for his “derailment”. But the insult shows how shattered the climate in the government has become.

Kubicki: Habeck and Putin think a “leader” knows everything

On the subscription channel “Massentaste-TV” Kubicki said about coalition partner Habeck: “He thinks freedom is the insight into necessity. That means: whoever submits himself voluntarily is really free. And whoever opposes the fact that he has to submit, whoever has to make his own decisions, is in truth not free. Because he is forced to oppose.” That alone says a lot about the mutual distrust.

But Kubicki went even further: “That is a concept of freedom that Vladimir Putin could easily translate to his own ruling milieu.” But that’s not all: “Putin and Habeck have a similar conviction that the state, the leader, the chosen one, is better knows better than men what is good for them.”

Coalition crash: Kühnert also takes on Habeck

That would be strong stuff even if the FDP politician had talked about an opposition politician like that. But it meant the coalition partner – a sign of how deep the anger runs at the government policy dominated by the Greens. The FDP loses election after election because it has to represent the decisions and is held responsible for them.

But the SPD also took on Habeck. This has “apparently in his own party a bit of pressure on the cauldron,” said General Secretary Kevin Kühnert on ARD. He could understand that. “But you shouldn’t deal with the pressure in such a way that you just throw bags in all directions because of it.”

The sharp argument within the traffic light coalition was triggered by Habeck’s plan to ban all gas and oil heating systems from January 1, 2024. This would not only affect new buildings, but also old buildings if a device had to be replaced. The forced switch to a heat pump would cost homeowners up to 100,000 euros. After the FDP, parts of the SPD also expressed doubts as to whether this would be reasonable. (fh)

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