Pakistan’s feminist comedians, free condoms in France, world’s largest ‘dark sky nation’

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Pakistani female comedians take on gender roles, France plans to issue free condoms for young adults and New Zealand aims to become the world’s largest ‘dark sky nation.’

Pakistani comedians challenge gender stereotypes and patriarchal norms

Stand-up comedy has long been a male-dominated field in Pakistan. Now all-female comedy troupes are carving out a position for themselves in the industry.

Source: DW

France to provide free condoms to young adults

In an effort to promote safe sex, the French Government has announced a program to provide condoms free of charge for people between the ages of 18 and 25.

Source: Reuters

New Zealand plans to limit light pollution nationwide

The prevalence of artificial light has in many places made stars invisible at night. New Zealand now plans to become the largest “dark sky nation” in order to preserve darkness.

Source: Treehugger

A “frozen zoo” helps protect endangered species from extinction

Frozen animal cells may be used to protect animal species on the brink of extinction. Scientists are using the cells to clone animals and provide healthy sperm, among other possibilities.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

New cancer detection method can find early-stage tumors with a blood test

A new, more sensitive set of biomarkers will allow doctors to detect 14 types of cancer with a simple blood test. It is predicted to cost only 50 dollars per unit.

Source: El País

FTP develops new set of projects to promote safety and emission reduction

The US Department of Transportation is laying out a new set of programs to help increase road safety, promote rural development and integrate greenhouse gas assessments into all transportation planning.

Source: Bloomberg

Ranked-choice voting to limit partisanship

Ranked-choice voting, which allows voters to rank their preference of candidates rather than choosing just one, was rolled out in Alaska this year. Now the voting has been adopted in 62 jurisdictions across the US

Source: PEW

Hyperburgers is a radical take on the supermarket that puts community first

Labeled an ‘inconvenience’ store, hyperburger aims to create a new kind of supermarket experience that promotes local creators over large businesses.

Source: Treehugger

All-female volunteer groups protect women at night

Newcastle’s Women’s Street Watch patrols the city at night to protect vulnerable women, like the homeless and intoxicated clubgoers.

Source: Postive News

This Indian reservation school has a novel take on community education

The iSanti Community School in Nebraska has had a 100% graduation rate two years in a row. That success is in part due to the new cultural program that teaches students about the iSanti Dacotah tribe’s language, customs, and history each day.

Source: Flatwater Freepress

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